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6 Signs of Pipe Corrosion


One of the most overlooked and often forgotten home maintenance chores is maintaining our pipes in our homes. We never really think about our home’s plumbing system until something goes wrong with it. Perhaps you were brushing your teeth one day and found something odd about the water. Here are six signs that our home’s pipes are corroded or are beginning to corrode.

Discoloration – One of the telltale signs of pipe corrosion is water discoloration. If the water has a brown or red tint to it, then this is a sign that the pipes are rusted or corroded.

Odor – Perhaps the water is emitting an unpleasant or foul-smelling odor. This is another sign that the pipes in the home have corroded.

Taste – Another sign of rusted or corroded pipes is that the water has a strange metallic taste. When pipes rust or corrode, the water will take in too many minerals, which is causing the unpleasant taste.

Frequent Clogs – Perhaps the water is not displaying discoloration, emitting a foul odor, or a strange taste. Another sign that the pipes are beginning to corrode or rust is that you are experiencing frequent clogs. When a pipe corrodes, debris begins to build up in the pipes, which may be the reason why you are experiencing clogging frequently.

Leaks – Pipes that are frequently clogged will lead to further damages to the plumbing system. This means leaks and/or pipe bursts, making it another sign that the pipes are corroded.

Low Water Pressure – Another sign that the pipes are corroded or rusted is poor water pressure. Just like clogs, as debris from corroding pipes begin to build up, the flow of water will be hindered. So, even when turning the faucet to its maximum point, the water pressure will still be low or poor.

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