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6 Signs Your Home’s Drains Need to be Cleaned


Regular drain cleaning can help maintain your home’s overall health, sometimes preventing the need for future major plumbing fixes. However, sometimes there are signs that drain cleaning is necessary right away. Are you noticing any of these signs?

Foul Odor

An odor from a drain in your home is often a sign of a bigger problem like a clog. A clog with an odor could be caused by food and grease backed up in a kitchen drain or even a rodent that has become stuck in a drainage pipe, posing a serious health risk for you and your family. These problems are usually fixed quickly, especially if caught early.

Gurgling Sounds

If you hear gurgling sounds as your bathtub or sink is draining, it could be a sign of a clog in your drainage pipes or even a ventilation pipe. Either one can cause severe issues if not addressed quickly, and it’s essential to know the exact cause of the sound. A plumber can locate the source of the gurgling to solve the problem.

Slow Bathroom or Kitchen Drains

Many homeowners will overlook a slow-draining sink for a while until it becomes a more significant issue once it is clogged or has formed a leak. Even a seemingly “small” problem like a sink that is slow to drain should be evaluated by a plumber to make sure there isn’t a more extensive problem lurking underneath.

Frequent or Multiple Clogs

Are you repairing clogs in the same sink frequently? Or are you noticing that clogs are forming in multiple drains in your home? These are signs that at least one clog is present and needs to be fixed. If the multiple clogs are caused by a single blockage in a main drainage line, letting the problem fester could cause more serious problems over time.

Overflowing Toilets

Toilets that frequently overflow are a big red flag for homeowners. If you’re noticing a common problem, it should be evaluated as quickly as possible to prevent any further damage to the drainpipes but also your home’s interior. A backed-up toilet can cause extensive damage to flooring and the subfloor that could be avoided if the cause is treated immediately.

Water Backing Up

If you notice water backing up into your sinks or bathtubs from time to time when they aren’t in use, you most likely have a significant draining issue that should be diagnosed quickly. This is unsanitary and can pose a health risk for those in the home.

It’s essential not to use liquid drain cleaner or other DIY methods to treat a clogged drain in your home, especially before knowing the actual cause of the problem. These attempts may make the issue worse. For a thorough evaluation of your home’s drainage system with the latest plumbing technology, contact Marvel Sewer & Drain today.