After a couple of years in a strange pandemic-inspired holding pattern, things are finally starting to regain some semblance of normalcy. Yes, people are gathering in restaurants and public places again, but they’re also hosting intimate gatherings at home. From showing off quarantine-inspired home makeovers to enjoying the simple pleasure of gathering with your nearest and dearest, there are tons of reasons why the pre-pandemic dinner party is poised for a comeback. Only one potential problem, though; are your drains ready for the increased strain?

Do Temporary Guests Really Make That Big a Difference?

Whether you’re flying solo or live in a boisterous, crowded household, it can seem like adding a few extra people here, and there should be no added stress on things like drains and plumbing. The truth is, more people mean more dishes, more laundry, more showers and more toilets flushing. Even if you’re not hosting overnight guests, a moderately-sized dinner party can exponentially increase your water and sewer usage, not to mention all the garbage disposal and sink use during the prep period before guests even arrive and the multiple rounds with the dishwasher after they depart. 

This dramatic increase in volume can be a problem if small clogs or potential issues are lurking. Still, that’s not the only aspect of your plumbing that could affect your quarantine breakout event. 

Stop Sewer Back-Ups at the Source

As a local and family-owned business, we take pride in every job, big or small.  Whether your pipes are due for a much-needed check-up or you need a professional to come out and identify a faulty pipe or clog, Marvel Sewer & Drain has your back when things go awry.  Our drain and sewer experts in Fridley, MN, pride themselves on providing quality services while also giving honest feedback and educating customers on the importance of drain upkeep.  Give us a shout today to learn more about our state-of-the-art drain and sewer solutions.