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What areas do we specialize in?

2022-08-22T08:36:23-05:00June 2020|

We are proud to provide residential and commercial sewer and drain repair services throughout Anoka County, including Coon Rapids, Blaine, Spring Lake Park, Plymouth and Pine Springs. We are also able to cover some areas of the Twin Cities, as well as Hennepin County. Our coverage area is designed to ensure that our technicians can

What is Marvel Sewer and Drain’s customer guarantee?

2022-08-22T08:40:31-05:00June 2020|

Marvel Sewer and Drain is able to provide each and every one of our customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not personally satisfied with your chosen services, you will not be charged. It is our duty to provide the most comprehensive and cost-effective plumbing service currently available on the market. When we

How can I contact Marvel Sewer and Drain?

2022-08-22T08:40:37-05:00June 2020|

Depending on the nature of your problem, there are a number of ways that you can contact Marvel Sewer and Drain. In non-emergency situations, you can either email our corporate office at the email address available on our website, or visit one of our physical locations in Anoka County. In emergency situations and situations that

How do I know I can trust Marvel Sewer and Drain?

2022-08-22T08:40:43-05:00June 2020|

Marvel Sewer and Drain has been in operation in Anoka County for nearly a decade. Our staff are passionate, educated personnel that know the meaning of a good value. Our technicians will work with you and for you to ensure your complete satisfaction with your chosen service. When you enlist the services of Marvel Sewer

What kinds of residential services does Marvel Sewer and Drain provide?

2022-08-22T08:39:14-05:00June 2020|

We are able to provide our residential customers with common unclogging services, drain cleanings, trenchless sewer repairs, as well as pipe repair services and inspections. Our technicians have worked inside homes for many years, and are familiar with the technologies and techniques to keep your home safe. We believe that providing the widest variety of

What kinds of commercial services does Marvel Sewer and Drain provide?

2020-06-30T09:41:51-05:00June 2020|

To our commercial customers, we are able to provide hydro-jetting technologies, commercial sewer repairs, sewer pipe replacement services, as well as plumbing inspection services. Our expert technicians have worked with business for many years, and understand the intricacies of commercial plumbing systems very well. They will work to ensure your continued profitability, and that their