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Causes of Burst Pipe Issuese

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A burst pipe is a plumbing emergency no one wants to happen. Water is going everywhere and you need to find a way to turn it off. Let's look at a few reasons why you would need burst pipe repair in Minneapolis, MN, from Marvel Sewer and Drain.

Frozen Pipes

Winter's freezing temperatures can be detrimental to your home's pipes. When water freezes, it expands. If it freezes inside a pipe, it can put excessive pressure on the walls and cause them to crack and burst. That's when you need the experts on pipe replacement in Minneapolis, MN.

Moving Pipes

Pressure changes within the pipe can cause it to move around. Most pipes are secured in place to prevent this kind of movement. However, strapping can corrode and fall off, leaving a pipe unsecured. A moving pipe's joints can flex and weaken, eventually leading to a burst pipe.

Water Pressure

Pipes are made to contain a certain amount of water pressure. If the pressure goes too high, it can cause the walls to fail and the pipe to burst. You need to have immediate pipe repair in Minneapolis, MN.


Water contains minerals that can deposit on the pipe walls. Over time, the build-up can become significant. This narrows the space where water flows, plus weakens the pipe wall. At some point, the wall will fail and the water will pour out of the pipe.

Tree Roots

Trees put out roots in all directions looking for moisture and nutrients. A sewer line is a prime target. Microscopic roots infiltrate through pipe joints and start growing larger and larger, eventually bursting the pipe. You will need trenchless pipe repair in Minneapolis, MN, when it happens.

If you experience a pipe burst, you need the trusted pipe repair specialists in Minneapolis, MN. Call us here at Marvel Sewer and Drain right away.

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