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Drain Cleaning & Sewer Line Repair Are Essential


Too many homeowners believe they can easily solve their sewer line and drain problems with a plunger and chemicals. 

Unfortunately, this is rarely true, and in the case of harsh chemicals, they often do more harm than good. Suppose a tree root has grown through your sewer line. Where do you think those harmful chemicals are going to go? That’s right, into the earth and quite possibly into someone’s water reservoir.

What’s more, when you ignore plumbing drain backups or clogged toilets, you risk a more significant problem. Ignoring needed sewer line repairs could jeopardize your home’s foundation. 

What Are the Indicators of Sewer Line Problems? 

If you smell sewer odor anywhere in your home or yard, that’s a pretty strong indicator that there is a ruptured or burst sewer pipe somewhere. When the water from your dishwasher, tub or sink backs up, that’s usually the first indication of sewer trouble on the horizon. Now would be a good time to call for a Marvel professional plumber before disaster strikes.

What Is the Cause of the Most Significant Sewer Line Problems?

Although the roots of those beautiful trees in your yard can create pressure up against the sewer line and cause them to rupture, the more significant problems are caused by you and your family. 

Dumping grease and oil into the kitchen sink or toilet can cause problems when they get cold. Cold grease hardens into a ball and mixes with hair in the drain or sewer line to generate a dam. Usually, this will not cause the sewer line to burst, but it will cause a backup.

Certainly, in grease, oil and hairballs blocking the sewer line, a chemical could dissolve the grease and hair and clear it out. However, your best option is to get a plumber to investigate with a sewer line camera to ensure no hole or broken pipe could send sewerage up against your foundation wall.

In fact, you should always get a professional plumber to investigate backups and sewer line odors. It might cost you more than a bottle of harsh chemicals, but you could save a lot more in the long term.   

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