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Clarifying Common Concerns

For your convenience, we have answered some of the most common questions asked about maintaining your plumbing at home and Marvel services. If you have a question that you don’t see addressed here, please reach out to us during normal business hours and we will be happy to assist you!

Marvel Sewer and Drain are full-service sewer and drain professionals that provide only the most effective and economical solutions to their clients. Our customers have reported consistent satisfaction with their chosen services, demonstrable in the overwhelmingly positive customer testimonies. Our service combines the cordial nature of a family-run business with the affordable and efficient nature of national chains. Whatever budget, whatever schedule, and whatever situation, Marvel Sewer and Drain is here to help.

Chemical drain cleaners vary in their effectiveness depending upon how and where they are applied. In most residential cases, environmentally-friendly, health-safe chemical solutions can be employed in the interior with little potential for danger. In industrial contexts, the volume and need of your operation may require stronger chemicals, posing different hazards depending on their relative purpose. In all cases, the chemical drain cleaners are best employed by sewage and drainage professionals like Marvel Sewer and Drain.

Drains can become clogged a number of reasons. In general, it is often best to ensure that your drains are covered or filtered in some way, to prevent obstructive detritus from entering the drain. In the case of residential bathroom, preventing the entry of hair into the drain is critical. In the kitchen, preventing oils and grease from entering the drain will also prove helpful in preventing future clogs. Proper disposal of oils and grease will allow your drains to function at their best. To ensure your drains and sewer perform at their best, enlist the routine maintenance services of a sewage and drainage professional like Marvel Sewer and Drain.

A clogging problem unresolved by traditional filtration and cleaning methods is often caused by a problem farther down the drain. Issues like invasive tree roots, seismic displacements, and detritus obstructions can all form in areas inaccessible to persons without specialist equipment. Without a prompt and professional response, these kinds of issues can cost you thousands of dollars in structural damage, increased costs of water usage, and property flooding. When these issues strike, it is often best to seek assistance from experts like Marvel Sewer and Drain.

The content of a drain obstruction can often dictate the kinds of smells that emanate from your drains and sewers. In some cases, a blockage with no scent can be present, whereas a scent of sewage clearly indicates a blockage formed of sewage. Recognizing the scent and the source of the scents will prove incredibly helpful in eventually resolving your drainage issue. Recounting these details to a drain technician like those available at Marvel Sewer and Drain will help inform their choice of solution, and help you save money and time.

Full-service sewer and drainage professionals cater to a wide variety of needs and provide services that include but are not limited to residential and industrial drain cleaning, drain repair, drain unclogging, as well as trenchless sewer repairs, sewer pipe replacement, hydro-jetting, and remote camera inspections. We believe that providing the widest variety of services to the widest variety of customers ensures our continued commercial success. Even if your system functions fine and you would simply like some questions answered regarding your plumbing systems, feel free to contact us.

Most Marvel Sewer and Drain maintenance services will begin with you providing some basic information concerning the nature of your plumbing system and the problem you are experiencing. This information will form the basis of your maintenance ticket, which will be handed off to one of our expert field technicians. The technician will use this ticket to become familiar with your situation even before they have arrived. Once at your home or place of business, the technician will seek to implement the most effective and economical solution possible.

When your residential or commercial garbage disposal begins emanating a foul odor, there can be a number of different causes. The accumulation of food waste in the disposal without regular cleanings can lead to a foul odor. In these cases, regular maintenance and filtration of your garbage disposal is recommended. Pouring residential cleaning chemicals like bleach in moderation can also improve the smell and resolve potential clogs. Other non-traditional methods include running your garbage disposal only using cold water. In any case, consulting a drain expert like Marvel Sewer and Drain is always the best choice.

Marvel Sewer and Drain accepts all major forms of credit and debit cards, as well as cash at our physical locations. Our expenses are thrice verified to ensure that no expense is incurred for a service unrendered. We believe that no customer should have to pay for a service that has not been performed to their complete satisfaction. Once your service is completed to your satisfaction, you will receive a bill detailing the various charges and expenses incurred by your service. We offer flexible payment plans, and hope that you place your trust in us today!

Marvel Sewer and Drain is a full-service sewer and drainage professional servicing multiple locations in Anoka County and the surrounding communities. We are able to provide services both commercially and residentially, ranging in everything from sewer pipe replacement to civilian drain cleaning. It is our firm belief that providing the most comprehensive set of sewer and drain repair solutions available on the market is key to our continued success, as well as the success of our customers. Our field technicians will travel to your home or place of business in a timely manner and perform your chosen service on your terms.

We are proud to provide residential and commercial sewer and drain repair services throughout Anoka County, including Coon Rapids, Blaine, Spring Lake Park, Plymouth and Pine Springs. We are also able to cover some areas of the Twin Cities, as well as Hennepin County. Our coverage area is designed to ensure that our technicians can travel in a reasonable amount of time to respond to emergencies. In addition, our service areas allow for our employees to move specialized equipment from job to job without major logistical problems. With whatever problem you may have, Marvel Sewer and Drain is here to help. Contact us today!

Yes! With current camera inspection footage Marvel Sewer and Drain can generally provide a free repair estimate without needing to be on site.

Marvel Sewer and Drain is able to provide each and every one of our customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not personally satisfied with your chosen services, you will not be charged. It is our duty to provide the most comprehensive and cost-effective plumbing service currently available on the market. When we install a drain, we offer a complete warranty within the first six months of use. Our sewer lining offerings include a fifty year warranty, and our technicians will ensure your lining is installed promptly and properly.

Depending on the nature of your problem, there are a number of ways that you can contact Marvel Sewer and Drain. In non-emergency situations, you can either email our corporate office at the email address available on our website, or visit one of our physical locations in Anoka County. In emergency situations and situations that require more prompt responses, give our office a direct call at our commercial response number, also available on our website. In whatever case, and whatever situation, contacting a licensed professional like Marvel Sewer and Drain is imperative.

Marvel Sewer and Drain has been in operation in Anoka County for nearly a decade. Our staff are passionate, educated personnel that know the meaning of a good value. Our technicians will work with you and for you to ensure your complete satisfaction with your chosen service. When you enlist the services of Marvel Sewer and Drain, rest assured that you will be treated like family. Your service will embody a combination of cordiality and efficacy, and all of our services come with our trademarked service guarantee.

We are able to provide our residential customers with common unclogging services, drain cleanings, trenchless sewer repairs, as well as pipe repair services and inspections. Our technicians have worked inside homes for many years, and are familiar with the technologies and techniques to keep your home safe. We believe that providing the widest variety of effective sewer and drain repair solutions to our customers keeps them coming back.

To our commercial customers, we are able to provide hydro-jetting technologies, commercial sewer repairs, sewer pipe replacement services, as well as plumbing inspection services. Our expert technicians have worked with business for many years, and understand the intricacies of commercial plumbing systems very well. They will work to ensure your continued profitability, and that their services render little interruption to the operation of your business.