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How Does a No-Dig Sewer Repair Work?

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Sewer repair services in Minneapolis, MN, sometimes require a lot of hard choices when it comes to making the right repair in the most efficient way possible. Traditional sewer and pipe repairs sometimes require a lot of deep digging with heavy-duty equipment. These types of sewer pipe repairs often come with a high price tag and can leave your landscape in shambles. The good news is that no-dig sewer line repair from Marvel Sewer and Drain can save your yard from the wear and tear of digging and save you tons of money in landscaping repairs to boot.

What is No-Dig Sewer Repair?

Simply put, no-dig sewer repair or trenchless sewer repair is an innovative type of sewer repair that requires very little digging. The damaged or broken pipe is first scoped with a small camera to assess the damage. Once the damage has been determined, the repairs can begin. There are two techniques used in no-dig sewer line repair.

*Pipe Bursting -This technique uses a machine that breaks apart the damaged pipe while a new pipe is laid in its place.

*Pipe-Lining - In the pipe lining process, a flexible pipe coated with a resin is pulled or blown through the existing pipe. Once the flexible pipe is in place, it's inflated. Once inflated, the resin hardens the pipe in place. This creates a pipe within a pipe. The pipe lining method does reduce the diameter of the pipe. However, the difference usually doesn't affect drainage requirements.

Benefits of No-Dig Sewer Repair

Some of the benefits of a no-dig pipe repair from Marvel Sewer and Drain include:

  • Replace sewer line with little to no landscape or yard damage
  • Faster repairs
  • More cost-effective

While these are common benefits of no-dig sewer pipe line repair, other benefits may surprise you. When you consider the damage to your landscape a traditional sewer line replacement can cause, a trenchless sewer repair can save you a lot of grief and stress from losing your favorite flower or vegetable garden. Less stress is always a good thing.

If you need fast and reliable sewer repair or pipe replacement, then you need a professional. Whether you need a traditional repair or a no-dig repair, give Marvel Sewer and Drain a call, and one of our experts will evaluate your situation and offer you the best option available.

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