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How Often Should Drain Pipes Be Inspected


Your drains might not be the first thing that you think about when you start to clean the house, but perhaps they should be. Just stop to consider how important clean drains are to your entire water supply. Not only can a clogged drain wreak havoc on your otherwise comfortable life, but dirty drains can also lead to smells that you would rather not think about. This does not even begin to touch upon the cleanliness of your water supply. Since you cannot see them, you should consider having your drains inspected at least once every year.

Marvel Sewer and Drain discusses why sewer camera inspection in West St. Paul, MN, from our team can benefit you.

Consider an Inspection if You Are Experiencing Slow Drainage

While an annual inspection is a great guideline to live by, you will also want to have a plumber come out if the water is draining much slower than normal. You might consider sewer camera inspections services in order to see what is going on in there. It might be something simple that cleaning can take care of, or it could be indicative of a more serious problem.

Do You Smell Something?

There are times when a horrendous smell invades your house and you just do not know where it is coming from. Your sewer could be the culprit. However, you have no way of knowing that without a pipe inspection. Those smells can actually be a warning sign of more serious problems to come. When you have a drain inspection, a plumber will be able to see inside your pipes and determine what course of action you should pursue.

Call us today to schedule a comprehensive plumbing inspection. This will give you peace of mind moving forward that your entire system is in great shape. Marvel Sewer and Drain offers a range of services to assist you however we can.