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How to Avoid Common Sewer Problems

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Sewer repair costs are expensive. Unless you have an unlimited budget, the better option is to prevent sewer problems from happening. Let's look at how to avoid common causes of the issues that require sewer line repair in Richfield, MN.

#1 Don't Put Grease or Oil Down the Sink

One of the most common reasons we conduct sewer repair services in Richfield, MN is to address a grease or oil clog. Greasy substances cling to the side of the sewer pipe. They capture fine particles. Over time, these clogs build up until the entire line's blocked.

#2 Don't Flush Anything But Waste and Toilet Paper

Your sewer lines are not made to handle bulky paper products. These include "flushable" wipes, tampons, paper towels, diapers, moist towelettes, or napkins. The only things to flush are body waste and toilet paper. Otherwise, you may need to pay to replace sewer line in Richfield, MN.

#3 Brush Your Hair Before Showering or Bathing

Hair is another major contributor to sewer line clogs. An easy way to avoid needing another sewer pipe line repair in Richfield, MN is to brush your air before you get into the tub or shower. Brushing loosens and removes hair from your head. This minimizes the amount of hair that's going down the drain.

#4 Don't Use Your Garbage Disposal to Excess

Kitchen solid waste can cause clogs in your sewer line. You may think running watermelon rinds or chicken bones through the disposal is okay. Most disposals don't grind bulky food products well enough for them to go through the sewer line easily. To avoid premature sewer line replacement in Richfield, MN, be wise in what you send through your garbage disposal.

When you start to have sewer problems, you need to get the help of experts immediately. Call Marvel Sewer and Drain or fill out the online form to schedule your appointment with our team.

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