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How To Prevent Toilet Issues Before Things Get Messy

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There are many signs to watch for that will tip you off that there is an issue with your plumbing. That’s the funny thing about underground water and sewer pipes – you can never tell what is happening with them until something goes wrong.

In the case of a clog, the last thing you want is to have a backup of sewage into your home. This is why it is important to know what to do and how to prevent toilet issues before things get messy.

That is why you should be paying attention to the signs that can be coming from your underground system.

The tips include slow moving drains, water pooling, sewer smells coming from drains and having to flush the toilet more often than usual to dispose of waste. All of these are signals telling you that there is something taking place underground and that you better get it taken care of as soon as you can.

How To Find Out What’s Wrong With Your Underground Pipes

The most efficient way to troubleshoot your underground sewer and water lines is with a pipe inspection. The plumbers at Marvel Sewer and Drain are equipped to do this for you.

All you have to do is contact us to schedule your appointment. We will send over a crew of our professional plumbers and they will conduct a pipe inspection.

Because we employ trenchless technologies to repair underground pipes we do not plow a trench through your yard to look at the pipe. A trenchless pipe inspection is very different than that.

We dig one or two small holes down to the pipe connection locations. That allows us to enter the pipe without disturbing your entire yard, street, and neighborhood. Once we can access the pipe connection we will insert a small video camera.

The camera sends us a video so we can take an up close and personal look at your sewer line from inside the pipe. It is the most accurate way of diagnosing and locating a clog, break, crack or cave in short of digging up your yard.

Once we get an actual visual on the problem, we will be able to discuss an appropriate trenchless repair with you.

In fact, you will have a few options available to you depending on the condition of the pipe and what the cause of the clog or slow draining is. Clogs we can flush out quickly where other repairs will take a little more time. All of these details we will go over with you.

Contact Us Today

Trenchless technology is a lot easier for us to use when it comes to sewer and water pipe repairs. It’s easier on the environment and it is most certainly easier on your wallet. In addition, most trenchless repairs that we take on can be completed within the day and with most of them not requiring your water service to be turned off.

So before your toilet starts to send you a very different and messy message about your plumbing, call us at Marvel Sewer and Drain. If you prefer, contact us by email for trenchless information. The number to call to speak to us directly is 763-445-9005.

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Call 763-445-9005 Serving Anoka, Hennepin and surrounding counties.
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