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How To Prevent Underground Sewer Pipe Emergencies


If something goes wrong with your main sewer line, it can cause a crisis in your home. Like most unexpected home repairs, a clogged, broken or dysfunctional sewer pipe will likely occur at the most inopportune time. While you cannot prevent all sewer line problems, there are preventive measures you can take to uncover sewer pipe issues before they become emergency situations. At Marvel Sewer and Drain, we offer digital camera inspections to help prevent underground sewer pipe emergencies. 

How Does a Sewer Camera Inspection Work?

Digital camera inspections of your plumbing and sewer lines are the most efficient way to identify problems in your pipes. At Marvel Sewer and Drain, we use a digital video camera that is small enough to enter almost any pipe in your home, including your main sewer line. Our technicians can guide the camera through your sewer line to inspect the entire pipe for any problems. A video feed is relayed in real-time to a digital monitor – you can see what is going on inside your sewer lines with your own eyes. 

Benefits of Preventive Sewer Pipe Camera Inspections

Our crews use camera inspections to diagnose plumbing, drain and sewer problems, but this tool can also be used as a preventive measure. Sewer pipes, especially older pipes in the extreme Minnesota climate, will not last forever. When a sewer line breaks, it could be in the middle of January in subzero temperatures, making it difficult to get repairs. A proactive approach is inspecting your sewer line every few years to identify any problems before they cause an emergency. Preventive camera inspections can catch:

  • Sewer line corrosion 
  • Blockages in the sewer pipe 
  • Tree root invasions 
  • Old pipes that do not meet modern specifications or codes
  • Broken sewer pipes 

If you own an older home in Edina, Bloomington, Richfield, West St. Paul, or the greater Minneapolis area, it is important to know whether your sewer pipes are in good shape. Consider scheduling routine sewer line camera inspections to check your underground pipes to avoid sewer line emergencies. Call us at Marvel Sewer and Drain to schedule a sewer line inspection to prevent unexpected sewer pipe emergencies.