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I Failed My West St. Paul Inflow and Infiltration Inspection. What Now?

Scheduling regular sewer inspections or having your pipeline inspected before you buy or sell a new home is imperative to home safety and maintenance. In the best of situations, you learn that you have nothing to worry about, add on a routine cleaning to prevent future problems, and forget your sewer line even exists for another year. But when you find that snowmelt, rainwater, or other non-sewage water is entering your sewer line, it’s best to be prepared and act quickly.

The problems this may present are many, including sewage backup and public health concerns caused by the entry of unexpected biota and chemicals into the water lines and water treatment facilities. It is not something to be ignored despite common fears about the destruction associated with sewer line repairs. Luckily, inflow and infiltration caused by cracked or misaligned pipes is easy to fix with trenchless repair methods. At Marvel Sewer & Drain, we offer these repairs so that all of our customers can pass their inflow and infiltration inspections without concern.

There’s no need to worry about the cost and time it takes to dig out region of your sewer line experiencing this issue when specialists have the tools to reline your pipes with cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining. CIPP is the use of a flexible, epoxy resin-coated lining to reline the inside of existing pipes. The lining adheres to the damaged walls and, once the epoxy cures, creates a like-new pipe within the old. This technique can be used to solve most causes of inflow and infiltration, including significant misalignment and pipeline breaks. This technique can even be used on an extended length of sewer line to leave a seamless, new pipe that will be invulnerable to leaks or inflow for years to come.

To talk to a sewer line specialist about trenchless repair options, consider your local St Paul location of Marvel Sewer and Drain.

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