Drains around your home or business premises are designed to handle all the water that comes with winter snow. Although precipitation is higher in the state during summer months, melting snow can put a more significant strain on drainage as large volumes of water enter the system at once. 

While this is typically not a problem for a well-designed and working sewage system, drainage points that are not protected from debris can cause issues. Water will always find the path of least resistance, which means that blocked drains can spell trouble. 

Plumbing Backups

Backups are a plumbing disaster that can cause property destruction and may lead to health problems in humans and pets. In almost all instances, backups are caused by a blockage in the drainage or sewer system. 

There are signs of an eminent sewage backup to look for that could save you and your family a lot of stress and heartache. The most obvious clue is gurgling sounds coming from drains, sinks, baths, showers and toilets when flushed. This sound is indicative of air escaping a blockage somewhere in the system. 

Another common symptom is the smell of raw sewage, which is often overwhelming. This unpleasant reminder is a red alert level warning that it is time to have your drainage and sewer line inspected. The alternative is flooding that could damage property or make you and yours ill. 

Cleaning Drains

You do have the option of trying to clean drains manually. Gloves are essential for the task to avoid direct skin contact with pathogens that are harmful to health. However, there are other dangers associated with this option. If there is sharp debris in a drain, there is the risk of suffering a nasty cut that could become infected. 

If a filter does not protect your drains and prevent debris from entering pipes, manual cleaning may not resolve the problem. Deep blockages in the system require a more professional approach. Call Marvel Sewer & Drain for advice or to book an inspection.