How to Keep Your Pipes Healthy in the Winter in Crystal, Minnesota

Minnesota winters can be brutally cold, and the freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on your pipes without proper care and insulation. At Marvel Sewer and Drain, we aim to keep our clients protected from plumbing disasters, which is why we’ve composed a quick list of preventative measures you can take in the winter months to keep your pipes running smoothly.

The best thing you can do to keep your pipes healthy in the winter is to have a professional video inspection completed. Regular check-ups for your pipelines can give you peace of mind and help you avoid costly disasters in the future by identifying potential cracks, breaks, and damage. Most pipeline emergencies can be attributed to inconsistent check-ups, so having an experienced technician take a look at the quality of your pipes regularly can help you avoid future accidents and the collateral damage.

During the inspection, one of our licensed technicians will be able to thoroughly examine the pipes from the inside with a small, waterproof, high-resolution camera. Using an existing access point, the camera will be either manually inserted on a flexible rod, which the technician will be able to manipulate by hand, or driven through the pipe on a small tractor. A powerful light attached to the camera will illuminate the inside of the pipes and a live feed of the footage captured will be sent back to the technician to review. Breaks, cracks, clogs, and root infiltration are visible and discernible, thanks to the camera. A comprehensive diagnosis will let you know if and what repairs are needed to keep your pipes healthy, especially in the colder months.

You may also choose to take additional measures to protect the integrity of your pipes. Some things you can do at home to keep pipes from freezing and breaking are running the water on a regular basis and wrapping exposed piping with insulation.

Taking care of your pipes is the best way to ensure that you won’t find yourself standing in freezing water. Let Marvel Sewer and Drain come out to your property and give you peace of mind, so you can enjoy the majestic beauty of winter, without the nagging fear of a pipeline disaster.