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Outside Plumbing Disasters that Require Expensive Repairs in Minnesota

Outside Plumbing Disasters

A plumbing disaster can happen once in a lifetime and cost home or business owners a small fortune. Outlined here are several factors that make outside plumbing issues challenging. Identifying the problem is the first hurdle, followed by completing repairs without causing too much disruption. 

Unfortunately, accessing a sewer line often involves digging a trench that unavoidably destroys landscapes. Digging is a problematic approach for both home and business owners. Oftentimes the largest expense involves restoring landscape features that have nothing to do with plumbing. In many cases, this necessary work can be done much more efficiently through no-dig repairs – a service offered by Marvel Sewer and Drain.

Sewer Line Blockage

A blockage in a sewer line can become a severe problem for property owners. Raw sewage will begin to back up and can spill over into homes or businesses. The price to repair this plumbing disaster may become astronomical, and the time-consuming process is disruptive to everyday life and business. No-dig sewer repair is a more affordable option that takes less time and avoids unnecessary destruction of landscapes. 

This non-invasive technology is designed to offer a better alternative to excavation. You can avoid months of plumbing and re-landscaping by opting for no-dig sewer repair. The money that you have invested in your garden matters to Marvel Sewer and Drain. Tearing it all apart is often not an option and may have costly consequences.

Contact Marvel Sewer and Drain today to learn how we can offer you a stress-free alternative to digging up a trench in your lawn. We have the tools and technology to make sewer line repair a breeze.