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Relining Your Sewer Pipes in the New Year

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The New Year is the best time to invest in essential home or business functions, including plumbing. At Marvel Sewer & Drain, we offer quick, permanent solutions to renew your sewer lines and keep it functional throughout the year and for decades to come.

How Pipe Relining Can Save You Time And Money

Relining is a more efficient approach to sewer pipe repairs compared to traditional dig-and-replace methods. Instead of having to haul out the old, broken pipe, our technicians create a newer, stronger pipe within the old pipe via a special epoxy liner. Everything can be completed within a day, and residents can start enjoying a restored sewer system with minimal downtime and disruption. The trenchless technology works on all piping material, including concrete, clay, fiberglass, steel, iron, PVC and others. Re-lined pipes are known to last 50 years or more and are more resistant to the most common pipe problems, including cracking, calcification, and root intrusion.

How To Know When It’s Time To Reline Your Sewer Pipe

Finding out the state of your underground pipes is difficult. Fortunately, our company has invested in the latest trenchless technologies and camera systems to check and see if your pipes need cleaning, repair or replacement. This can be done without having to dig a trench, saving our customers time and money.

These are the following signs that indicate your sewer pipes may need to be re-lined:

  • Water pooling in at your home’s foundation.
  • Brown or rust-colored water coming from the faucet.
  • Low water pressure.
  • Sewer-like odor coming from sinks, toilets and drains.
  • You experience constant clogs with your toilet, drains, bathtubs and shower.
  • An abnormally high water bill.

In some cases, a thorough hydro jetting procedure can be done to get rid of clog-causing debris; but if the pipes are badly damaged, cracked, or infested by roots, trenchless relining is the next best option. At Marvel Sewer & Drain, we offer the best trenchless technology and an annual inspection of your relined sewer pipes free of charge to provide the utmost peace of mind for you and your family. Call us today to see how we can help with any plumbing or sewer problems.

Marvel Superhero Team Logo
Call 763-445-9005 Serving Anoka, Hennepin and surrounding counties.
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