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Excellent Plumbing Company in Bloomington, MN

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Call 763-445-9005 Serving Anoka, Hennepin and surrounding counties.

If you are looking for a professional plumber in Bloomington MN, you are reading the right article! Marvel Sewer and Drain is here to assist you. We are a local, family-owned business in Minnesota. We take pride in doing excellent work during every single plumbing job. It doesn't matter if the job is big or if it is small. We've been in business since 2010.

We provide high-quality plumbing and drain cleaning experiences throughout Anoka County. Our services are affordable and efficient. We are timely and effective as well! Our pricing is extremely friendly, honest, and upfront. Our plumbing professionals treat your home like we would our own home. We focus on getting the job done properly the first time we do it. We also will educate you on proper maintenance and upkeep.

We provide services to customers in:

Sewer Repair Services in Bloomington, MN

One of our primary areas of expertise is in sewer repair in Bloomington, MN. Marvel Sewer and Drain utilize trenchless no- dig technology for most of our pipelining sewer repairs. We utilize non-invasive sewer camera inspection technology to identify the problem. Our capabilities include providing full lining and using PipePatch sewer repair products and equipment.

If necessary, we can perform sewer line replacement services for you as well! We work on leaking lines, dealing with tree roots, cracked water pipes, and sewer backups. We create a new sewer line pipe within your existing pipe. We don't have to dig up your property at all because of this. This allows us to save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Burst Pipe Repair in Bloomington, MN

It is very important to handle a burst pipe immediately. This is because a burst pipe can cause serious health hazards or even increased costs of living. Our technicians will give you a free estimate and proceed with the necessary repairs or pipe replacement services if you would like us, too.

We are experts when it comes to burst pipe repair services in Bloomington, MN. Burst pipes aren't easy to detect. For example, there can be pipes that are buried several feet under the ground outside of your home. We can still detect problems with pipes like this, however. In ideal cases, we can utilize trenchless burst pipe repair techniques that will allow us to repair the issue without having to dig at all.

Expert Drain Cleaning Services in Bloomington, MN

If you're dealing with a slow bathtub drain, a slow flushing toilet, clogged garbage disposal, a clogged sink drain or a clogged shower drain, we can help you. We have years of experience providing drain cleaning services in Bloomington, MN.

We do want to warn you about using a liquid drain cleaner. It can actually seriously damage older pipes, corroded pipes, or PVC pipes. This is because most chemical drain cleaners use ingredients like sulfuric acid or sodium hydroxide. These ingredients can damage metals. We do not use chemicals like these when we clean your drain.

Sewer Pipe Camera Inspection in Bloomington, MN

Our state-of-the-art sewer pipe camera inspection in Bloomington, MN can accurately record the condition of your plumbing and sewer pipes. This helps us better diagnose what’s plaguing your sewers.

What sets us apart at Marvel Sewer and Drain is our timely and cost-effective services. We also use state of the art technology for our plumbing services. Finally, we offer all of our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We guarantee that any problem you have will be fixed properly. Contact us today and we will assist you with any plumbing services that you require.

Marvel Superhero Team Logo
Call 763-445-9005 Serving Anoka, Hennepin and surrounding counties.

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