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Brooklyn Park, Minnesota Drain Cleaning Services

Brooklyn Park is known for its scenic trees and greenery, but the problems that form within pipes and drains are often the result of tree root invading the pipes and creating clogs. The city is large and expansive, and the potential for the pipelines to become clogged by tree roots is very high. Fortunately, we at Marvel Sewer and Drain have built a reputation for reliable, efficient drain cleaning services in the Brooklyn Park area, keeping your pipes clear of tree roots.

Clogged drains can wreak havoc inside and outside of your home or business and can create health hazards if they aren’t properly removed. Chemical solutions aren’t enough to remove the presence of tree roots in the pipes, but our drain cleaning experts use the latest techniques and modern equipment to clear the blockage without damaging your pipes and resulting in long-lasting solutions.

We are a local business that values our customers, and we reassure our customers with impactful solutions at a great cost without any extra charges to the bill. We carefully inspect the pipes after we arrive at your home or business in order to accurately diagnose the source of the clog in your drains and determine the best methods to clean them. Our drain cleaning solutions are fast and precise, and whether your drains are clogged by small clogs or a massive formation of tree roots, our expertise in the field ensures that we will be able to remove it without delay.

Our drain cleaning services include the powerful hydro jetting or rooters to cut out the roots or clogs within the pipes. These processes are quick and environmentally friendly, with hydro jetting relying on water to remove the clog while the rooters are able to cut the roots out without our experts needing to dig any trenches. These processes don’t damage the pipe and use a limited amount of equipment and machinery to be performed. Because these methods are fast to install, we are able to spend more time correctly diagnosing the problem while ensuring that our solutions are effective and work the first time.

At Marvel Sewer and Drain, we have experience working with a variety of drains and ensuring that our cleaning methods thoroughly remove clogs and buildup. Our versatility makes us qualified to service many types of pipes and ensure that there won’t be future problems. Our status as a local business ensures that our customer service is reliable, economical, and produces high-quality results that are guaranteed to last for many years and ease the worries of our customers. We purposefully avoid the traditional methods of drain cleaning that required digging trenches in favor of our new, efficient processes that keep our customer’s homes intact.

Our experience and excellent services have earned us positive ratings that reinforce the high-quality solutions we produce, and our list of satisfied clients is only growing. For any and all of your drain cleaning needs in your residential or commercial property, at Marvel Sewer Drain, we guarantee that we have the best solutions you need to clean your drains without disrupting your daily schedule. Call us or schedule an appointment today, and we look forward to working with you.

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