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At Marvel Sewer & Drain, we make pipe cleaning an easy task for both technician and property owner. Our company uses the latest hydro jetting technology, an eco-friendly solution that won’t disturb the ground or your lawn, yard and garden. When you call us for hydro jetting in Brooklyn Park, you’re sure to get your pipes unclogged and restored to full functionality.

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Drain Inspection and Hydro Jetting Services in Brooklyn Park

A comprehensive camera inspection is done to gather important details before starting the hydro jetting procedure. Our technicians use an HD micro camera that’s attached to a flexible line; the contraption is fed down any open manhole, drain or cleanout to access any point of your sewer or water line. There’s zero guesswork, thanks to the real-time video feed that’s sent to a compatible screen above ground. The line’s flexibility allows our technicians to navigate through bends and angles easily. Moreover, we’ll now have visual confirmation of the problem on hand and can come up with an accurate diagnosis.

Hydro jetting is one the best and most highly recommended pipe cleaning procedures available today. There’s no need to to use harmful, corrosive drain cleaning products, no danger of poking holes when using augers or snakes, and no digging up of lawns, yards or gardens. Our professional technicians use the right nozzle depending on your pipe material and condition to guarantee a safe, thorough clean. We use the right pressure to effectively scour the inner pipe walls free of debris, calcified matter and clogged materials.

With the right pressure, water can remove years of buildup and send it down the nearest municipal treatment plant. If you can’t remember the last time you’ve had your sewer line or water system in Brooklyn Park inspected or cleaned, then it’s high time to call Marvel Sewer & Drain for a timely camera inspection and subsequent hydro jetting. Hydro jetting is a safe, long-lasting solution that restores your pipeline’s original diameter, thereby improving efficiency and overall flow. Moreover, recurring issues such as constant overflows, backups and clogging won’t reappear as they’re directly addressed with the trenchless procedure.

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When you’re facing recurring clogs or backups and are tired of experiencing gurgling noises and foul smelling odors, come to us for help. Traditional methods, such as snaking and putting cleaning chemicals down the drain, can exacerbate the issue and make it worse. Hydro jetting is the greener solution as it doesn’t harm the environment or your family’s health. It’s best to trust a professional technician to handle drain and sewer concerns rather than trying to fix it on your own.

At Marvel Sewer and Drain, we know that most emergencies seemingly happen overnight. We take pride in delivering prompt service when it’s needed the most. We utilize the latest inspection tools and equipment to get to pipes beneath your home’s foundation, basement, bathroom floor, kitchen sink and other areas where clogs usually occur, all without having to dig massive trenches. Our trained technicians in Brooklyn Park can also handle sewer and water plumbing maintenance services to guarantee you won’t be caught by surprise. Schedule a hydro jetting service with Marvel Sewer & Drain today.

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