Storm Drain Lining in Brooklyn Park, MN

Urban drainage networks and sewers play an important role in day-to-day life. When your system starts showing signs of problems, recurring issues, and needs to be fixed, call on Marvel Sewer & Drain for help. We have the latest no-dig solutions that do away with extensive ground digging and re-landscaping costs. You get a stronger, more durable pipe material at a fraction of the time it takes for traditional pipe repairs to be completed.

Storm Drain CIPP Lining in Brooklyn Park

At Marvel Sewer & Drain, our professional technicians use trenchless technology along with exceptional workmanship and years of knowledge to repair your ailing storm drain pipes in Brooklyn Park. The first order of business is to use an advanced camera system to perform an inspection without having to dig up your lawn, yard or flooring. Real-time visual feed is sent to a monitor located above the ground, allowing us to record important sewer and drain line information such as pipe diameter, material, and depth. Then, we prepare a specialized hydro jetting piece of equipment to remove all the stuck debris inside the lines and wash them out to the nearest municipal treatment plant. When the pipes are cleaned, we measure out the correct length of lining material and coat it with a special epoxy resin. The liner is then inserted in to the nearest access point and in to the ailing section of the line, effectively creating a new pipe within a pipe.

Why Lining Pipes Is The Best Repair Option

Pipe lining is a wise investment for those looking for a complete solution.

The process of lining is non-invasive as the repair is carried out entirely underground. There’s zero major excavation and is the perfect solution for single drain line repairs that won’t affect the rest of the sewer or drain system. There is typically zero damage to your yard, lawn or garden and buildings or living spaces. In just one day our capable technicians can clean, repair and turn back the storm drains to save you time and money.

CIPP, or “Cured in Place Pipe,” restores full structural integrity to broken, deteriorated or cracked pipe lines. In instances where corrugated storm drains corrode, disintegrate over the years, or when concrete pipes collapse, CIPP is the perfect solution to rehabilitate the system and bring it back to optimal condition. When you start experiencing recurring clogs, leaky storm drains, or water pooling around your Brooklyn Park property, pipe lining will address the issue and prevent it from happening again.

The new pipe is a much more improved version of your old pipe material. It’s highly resistant to corrosion, root intrusion and it inhibits ground-water infiltration. Any holes, leaks or, cracks will be covered, as well as missing pipe sections. The solid, seamless and jointless pipe is rated to last for 40 years or even more. You get peace of mind knowing your storm drains in Brooklyn Park are protected from corrosion, malfunctions, and untimely emergencies that lead to property damage or a flooded basement.

At Marvel Sewer & Drain, we guarantee quality work from beginning to end. Our expert technicians will conduct a final camera inspection to make sure everything is in place and that your drain system is restored to working order. Call us today for all your storm drain concerns and experience the convenience of trenchless technology.

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