Clog Dog Drain Cleaning in Coon Rapids, MN

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Coon Rapids, Minnesota Drain Cleaning

In Coon Rapids, Minnesota, when both residents and businesses have a difficult clog choking the flow of water and need help fast, call Marvel Sewer and Drain for your fast, affordable Clog Dog drain cleaning service. This revolutionary tool quickly and effectively removes troublesome drain blockages to restore your sewer to optimum service in minutes.

The Problems Clogs Cause

Drain clogs are the most frequent plumbing problem that homeowners and business managers face. Some simple, one-time clogs caused by bathroom waste or hair accumulation can be handled easily with a household plunger or drain snake, but others are much more stubborn and require professional, high-quality assistance. Various types of materials frequently lead to recurring clogs that can’t be removed with an ordinary drain snake, such as:

  • Waste Buildup
  • Foreign Objects
  • Hardened Grease Deposits
  • Tree Roots

At Marvel Sewer and Drain, we have invested in the Clog Dog draining cleaning technology to effectively, affordably restore your drain flow no matter what the cause of your problem.

How The Clog Dog Drain Cleaning System Works

This powerful, yet safe technology doesn’t just open a path through the blockage; it shreds the clog and removes it to ensure rapid, optimal results every time. The Clog Dog system uses a highly-engineered, motorized cutting tool attached to a long cable that can be inserted into the pipe. It can be accompanied by a video sewer camera system, which provides live footage that our highly-trained technician uses to help guide the tool.

Our technician maneuvers the cutter through the pipe, where it instantly pulverizes difficult pipe debris, including mineral buildup, plastic objects, compacted waste, and grease. It is even effective for intensive tree root intrusion around joints, a frequent occurrence in the Coon Rapids area that can cause severe sewer damage if left untreated. After the Clog Dog breaks up the blockage, a specialized removal tool funnels the sawdust-like debris out of the pipe, leaving it clean and clear.

The Clog Dog tool is appropriate for use with almost any pipe material, making it an excellent solution for most drain applications. Its flexible cable maneuvers easily through elbow and joints, ensuring that every nook and cranny is thoroughly cleaned and root-free. We have cable lengths from 50 feet to 125 feet so we can reach a blockage even if it is hidden deep in the sewer pipe buried in your yard.

What Makes The Clog Dog Drain Cleaning Equipment Effective & Eco-Friendly

Like all of Marvel Sewer and Drain’s innovative technologies, the Clog Dog is safe and environmentally-friendly for many reasons. It requires no harsh chemicals that can corrode plumbing and pollute the water supply. It reduces waste material and landfill debris. It also eliminates the need for destructive excavation that increases erosion and threatens bird and small animal habitats. We care about the environment and we choose the best tools to ensure you enjoy reliable results without harming your surroundings. Our equipment allows us to balance achieving results while conducting our services in a cost-effective, convenient manner for our customers.

Call Marvel Sewer & Drain For Excellent Services

For the most effective, affordable solution for your blocked sewer line or storm drain, you can count Marvel Sewer and Drain’s Clog Dog Drain Cleaning Service. We obliterate tough clogs so that you can get back to life as usual. Call us today to learn how we can help you!

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