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Coon Rapids, Minnesota Roof Drain Lining Services

Roof drain lining services provided by Marvel Sewer and Drain are a modern technique for restoring leaking roof drains by repairing the pipe in place rather than removing and replacing it. We can repair your drain in about a day for about half the cost with the state-of-the-art epoxy resin that we use. Once cured, it forms a new pipe that exceeds the specifications of the original one. The new pipe completely seals leaks and gaps, eliminating moisture seepage without the need for extensive wall removal or large equipment.

How Do We Start Lining The Roof Drain?

We begin by thoroughly inspecting and cleaning the damaged roof drain. We conduct leak detection tests as well as inspect the roof drain with high-quality cameras in search of leaks, cracks, holes, and other complications in order to prepare the surface for the lining by cleaning out excess debris and waste with our hydro jetting equipment.

After we have diagnosed the problem and cleaned the pipe, our skilled technicians introduce a soft sleeve into the pipe that is coated with a liquid epoxy resin formula. We maneuver the sleeve to fully cover the length of the roof drain and inflate it, which presses the epoxy onto the walls of the drain. The coating seals all leaks and even restores sections of pipe that have deteriorated and crumbled. Over the next 24 hours, the resin cures into new, cured-in-place pipe, or CIPP, that essentially replaces the old one from the inside. The CIPP liner not only restores the pipe but improves on it, offering many benefits including:

  • Rust-Free Material – The epoxy-based liner that we install is rust-free and doesn’t corrode so it ages better than other pipes and outlasts them by decades.
  • Weather Resistant – The liners are resistant to the fluctuations in temperature and weather, allowing it to withstand heat and sub-freezing temperatures and avoid becoming cracked or warped by these external factors.
  • Meets Local Building Codes – When we rehabilitate roof drains with our lining material, we ensure that inspection requirements are met so that our customers won’t need to worry about failing a future inspection in their home or apartment complex.

Once our team at Marvel Sewer and Drain have relined your roof drains, you won’t have to worry about them for years.

How We Help Homes & Businesses Through The Lining Process

Roof drain lining is an important investment for commercial properties, such as the many Coon Rapids area manufacturing facilities. A faulty roof drain exposes costly equipment and technology to oxidation and corrosion that can significantly reduce its life expectancy. Even with the risks, many facilities managers are tempted to put off repairs because the standard roof drain repair will disrupt production and reduce productivity as machines have to be taken offline and workers have to be relocated. We can repair the pipe from the roof, so your shop floor will hardly be aware that the repair is taking place and work can continue as scheduled.

Multi-family housing communities are another area that benefits greatly from our roof drain lining service. A leaky roof drain can put residents at risk for mold and allergens that raise health concerns. Because our restoration techniques are completed from the roof area that residents usually don’t see, you can avoid disrupting your clients’ daily activities and restore the pipe to a healthy state without unnecessarily alarming residents. We can reseal the drain in as little as a day, eliminating the danger and protecting you from potential lawsuits.

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Marvel Sewer and Drain is the preferred provider for roof drain lining in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. Don’t take our word for it: Our many positive reviews speak for themselves. We have the technology to keep your drains flowing without disturbing your business. Call us today to learn more!

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