Sewer Camera Inspection in Coon Rapids, MN

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Coon Rapids, Minnesota Sewer Camera Inspection

When you are having drain issues, the most important part of getting rapid results is ensuring that the problem is correctly diagnosed, as different causes require different solutions. A drain clogged with hard water scale requires a different treatment than one blocked by a collapsed pipe. Marvel Sewer and Drain bring advanced sewer camera inspection technology to our customers in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, so we can fully inspect a faulty drain and correctly identify the culprit. This knowledge allows us to make sure we always recommend the right repair methods for the best results at the most affordable rates.

How We Find Leaks & Cracks With Our High-Quality Cameras

During our sewer camera inspection service, our expert technician will carefully search all the plumbing fixtures with our cameras to locate areas that have an existing failure or are beginning to show signs of a future problem. We will check for any possible problems that may be developing, including:

  • Cracks and Fractures
  • Areas of Corrosion
  • Mineral Layering
  • Waste Accumulation
  • Tree Root Penetration

Each issue is evaluated to determine how far the damage has progressed. Because we can fully inspect the interior of the pipe without removal, we can develop an effective repair plan before we begin work, eliminating much of the trial-and-error that can occur with traditional sewer line diagnostics. Once we’ve inspected your pipe, we already know where the problem is and how much damage has occurred, so our solution will take into account all the factors for an efficient repair process with no hidden costs.

At Marvel Sewer and Drain, our sewer camera inspection technology is durable and sensitive, making it a remarkable tool to implement in all of our processes. The specially-designed, high-definition camera is strong enough to withstand the lightless, wet, dirty environment of a sewer pipe while still precisely acquiring high-quality video footage. It feeds the video instantly through a fiber optic cable to a viewscreen where the technician can watch it immediately. The camera fits into pipes as narrow as two inches wide and is highly maneuverable, so we can easily assess every joint and curve of your water lines.

Invest In Preventative Maintenance & Annual Inspections With Marvel Sewer & Drain

You don’t need to wait until you have a sewer failure to gain the benefits of our powerful sewer camera technology. An annual preventive sewer inspection will reveal subtle signs of upcoming sewer issues so that you can treat them before they become a serious problem.

Problems like corrosion, cold-weather damage, and tree root penetration often accumulate over time, slowly spreading until a major repair becomes necessary. We can easily reline weakening pipes to restore them to excellent condition and extend their lifespan by decades. An inspection will reveal the signs of deterioration while you still have time to stop the process, giving you real control over the health of your sewer system.

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At Marvel Sewer and Drain, we are proud to be the preferred provider for sewer camera inspection services in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. Our state-of-the-art technology and expert technicians will give you the knowledge you need to restore your sewer system to ideal condition with confidence. Call today!

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