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Marvel Sewer and Drain is the team that you can trust for drain cleaning in Edina, MN and nearby local communities. We can take care of all your drain and sewer needs. Whether you require a diagnosis, maintenance, standard cleanings or emergency services, we will be there to improve your quality of life at home.

Reasons You Need Drain Cleaning

The development and sources of drain issues will vary from residence to residence. Such sources are also highly dependent upon the standard drain practices of the former and current residents. A clogged drain can occur for many different reasons. The primary reasons originate from accidents and unknown best practices for drain care. As most people are not plumbing experts, they do not know the items that should and should not be put down a drain or toilet. As plumbing experts, we can help.

As a rule of thumb, never pour grease down the sink and try to compost or throw away as much food as possible rather than using the disposal. Another great practice is to only use toilet paper in the toilet. Alternative cotton items and anything else can cause backups and buildups. And make sure you have a hair catcher in all tubs and showers. These best practices for your drains will help protect your pipes and reduce the need for plumbing services.

Benefits of Routine Drain Maintenance

Regular drain cleaning in Edina, MN, has nearly endless benefits for you and your loved ones. When your drains are cleaned and inspected regularly by Marvel Sewer and Drain, it improves the overall efficiency of your plumbing system and it saves you a significant amount of money in plumbing repairs over time. You will also ensure that the water is safe by preventing dangerous leaks and corrosion from developing in the piping infrastructure. In addition, regular drain cleanings help to eliminate potentially harmful bacteria, mold, and mildew from developing in drains.

Types of Drain Cleaning

The type of drain cleaning in Edina, MN, that we will provide will depend greatly on the state of your drains upon arrival. Our professional plumbing team will evaluate each situation uniquely to determine the best course of action to ensure a timely and efficient resolution. Drain snaking is a common practice used to eliminate clogs and blockages. For a more powerful approach, the team may decide to use hydro jetting to blast away buildup and other obstacles. If any liquid solution is used, rest assured that we only use products that are safe for both the environment and residents in the home, including children and pets.

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Our top-rated drain cleaning company offers a wide array of drain-related services, including drain pipe inspection, hydro jetting, pipe corrosion repair, slow drain elimination, and clogged toilet removal and extraction. Our highly trained professionals also offer sewer services, such as sewer pipe camera inspection, pipe repair, and sewer repair.

Our exceptional team and quality of drain cleaning services in Edina, MN, and beyond are everything you could ever want or need in a plumbing and sewer company. Call us today for an inspection, maintenance, standard service or emergency. We will make your drains work like new again. We also serve:

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