Pipe Repair in Edina, MN

Burst Pipe Repair in Edina, MN

Homeowners often worry that repairing their pipes will be costly and stressful. It’s a problem they never want to experience. Modern technology, however, makes most piping repairs a quick process without damage to your property. If you’re looking for sewer repair services in Edina, MN, with positive reviews and done professionally, we’re the right match for you. At Marvel Sewer and Drain, we ensure quality workmanship and integrity.

Specializing in Burst Pipe Repair

We use the trenchless method for burst pipe repair in Edina, MN. Trenchless pipe repair is better than traditional pipe repair because it doesn’t require excessive digging or excavating. It’s also less expensive and faster to do. Traditional methods often leave your property’s landscape damaged. They also take a long time due to how much digging is involved.

We inspect the pipes to make sure they’re clean enough for trenchless pipe lining. Tree roots and other debris need to be cleared out before we can line the pipes. After cleaning your pipes, we insert the pipe liner to create a pipe within the pipe. It will take some time to dry. Once the resin is solidified, we check that your pipes were correctly repaired.

Whether you need burst pipe repair or pipe replacement in Edina, MN, we have the necessary skills to fix your pipes through trenchless methods. Note that in some situations, trenchless pipe replacement isn’t possible. We know how to replace your pipes the traditional way in case it turns out your pipes are too damaged for trenchless replacement. Certain pipe system configurations also require traditional replacement. Our pipe repair specialists will be honest with you about which method is suitable. We want to fix your pipes as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Signs You Need Burst Pipe Repair

Plumbing problems often go undetected when homeowners don’t know what to look for. Low water pressure, slow drains, clogged drains, and stains on the walls, ceilings or floor are common signs your pipes need repair. We offer comprehensive repair services, including burst pipe repair in Edina MN.

You may have a burst pipe if the water pressure goes up and down, the water has a brownish tint, you smell a rotten egg odor, or the pipes have begun making noises. Other warning signs of burst pipes are high water bills, puddles under the sink, and the sound of water running when no one is using a faucet.

Never ignore signs your pipes need repair. All sorts of additional problems can arise like water damage to structures in your home, mold growth and pest problems. We offer fair prices on our sewer repair services in Edina, MN, and the surrounding areas. Other solutions we offer in the local area are:

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Customers give us high ratings, so you can have more confidence in your first time working with us. We offer comprehensive repair and replacement services. We want you to be able to rely on us for any of your pipe repair needs. You’ll find that we have flexible scheduling too. Our company strives to schedule repairs at a time that’s convenient for you. We also offer emergency repair services in case you can’t afford to wait long on repairs.

Marvel Sewer and Drain is a trustworthy company that can fix problems large and small with your pipes. If you suspect something is wrong with your pipes, contact us for an inspection. We also serve:

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