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Sewer Camera Inspection in Edina, MN

Sewer Camera Inspection in Edina, MN

If your sewage system is clogged, you don’t want to wait very long for an expert. We provide emergency services day and night. At Marvel Sewer and Drain, we provide sewer camera inspection services in Edina, MN. We will make sure to pinpoint the problem before we start the repair. If you have a cracked pipeline, burst sewer main, clogged or overflowing toilet, we create a customized procedure to fix the exact problem because we can see it with our sewer pipe camera inspection. No need to dig up your garden or driveway to find the source of the issue.

Reasons to Have a Sewer Camera Inspection

Drains get clogged because whatever is being washed down gets clumped together and sticks to the inside of the pipe. This may include hair, soap scum and oil, grease and food particles or residue from washing machines and utility sinks. Toilets get blocked by overuse of sanitary products, diapers, washcloths and, believe it or not, toys. When Marvel Sewer and Drain performs a drain inspection, we see all kinds of things with our sewer camera inspection in Edina, MN, and have several methods for removing all kinds of blocks.

Tree roots are another major cause of blocked sewage pipes in Edina, MN. Since the homeowner is responsible for the functioning of the sewer pipe from the house to the municipal line, it’s up to the owner to keep this section of the pipe clean. Our sewer camera inspection can allow us to see if tree roots have started growing inside the pipe or if they have caused a solid block.

Tree roots start tiny and are always seeking moisture. This is why even a pinhole leak in a pipe can be an entryway for roots to enter the pipe. Once inside, the roots grow quickly. Tree roots can not only block the pipe, but they can also widen any leak and eventually break the pipe.

With our camera pipe inspection, we can assess the damage and choose the right remedy. It may be simply to remove the blockage with hydro jetting or the pipe may need a new lining. We can do this without digging up your yard or driveway.

Pipelining is the process by which we give a drain a new inside. A new PVC pipe is in a material that is saturated with quick-drying epoxy. It is inserted into the pipe. For larger damaged areas, two holes may be needed to pull the pipe from the other side. The epoxy dries quickly and you have a new, strong, leak-free sewage pipe.

Understanding Trenchless Repair

Trenchless means solutions without the need for extensive digging. In the past, for a plumber to fix a leak or damaged pipe, it required a major excavation of the ground. This could require removing hardscapes, walkways, concrete driveways or landscaped gardens. It was not only time-consuming and messy, but it also created a dangerous area for children and pets. The job of replacing a driveway, barbecue or landscaped garden can be costly.

After sewer camera inspection in Edina, MN, we repair pipes and drains with the latest technology that only requires one hole or sometimes two. We have the tools and expertise to repair the inside of drains from one point. Trenchless plumbing inspection and repair requires less time and expense. Repairs and drain linings last for decades.

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At Marvel Sewer and Drain, we provide quick and cost-effective sewer pipe camera inspection to find even pinhole leaks and the beginnings of buildup that will create major problems in the future if not corrected early. Don’t wait until your toilet is overflowing in the middle of the night. Call today and we can make sure your plumbing and drains are open and functioning properly. We also offer sewer repair, pipe repair, and drain cleaning in Edina, MN, as well as in:

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