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Different pipe problems require different approaches. Before reaching for that drain cleaning solution or a makeshift hanger to try and unclog that mess, think about any further damage you might bring to your sewer system. Liquid drain cleaners may cause that blockage to disappear, but the solution may corrode your metal pipes and cause an emergency. Snakes and augers can poke holes through the pipes and turn backups into full blown emergencies.

At Marvel Sewer & Drain in Maple Grove, we offer a safer, greener method of cleaning your pipelines. Hydro jetting is a no dig solution that eliminates clogs and backups once and for all.

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What To Expect From Maple Grove Drain Cleaning By Hydrojetting

At Marvel Sewer & Drain, our professional technicians use a high definition camera and a flexible line to assess the problem. This trenchless camera inspection is the most efficient method in finding out the exact source of the problem. A microscopic camera is inserted into any drain hole or cleanout while a transmitter sends out real-time images onto a screen located above ground. As our technicians navigate the system, we collect important information such as the pipe material, diameter, depth and others to come up with the best solution and a 100% accurate diagnosis.

Hydro jetting is a sewer cleaning service that utilizes pressurized water to clean sewer and drain pipes. Our technicians attach a special nozzle to a hydro jetting machine, insert the nozzle to the nearest access point and turn on the hydro jetting equipment. The nozzle puts out water on all directions, hitting all the interior pipe points and therefore, eliminating the years of debris built up inside. All the calcified matter, dust, grease, and minerals will be washed away, out your sewer system, and into the nearest municipal treatment system. After that, your drain should work like new and the original flow will be restored.

Marvel Sewer & Drain Advanced Technology Hydrojet Applications

Hydro jetting is a procedure that’s applicable to all kinds of piping material, from clay, cast iron, ABS, PVC and pipes that have been re-lined.

After cleaning the pipeline’s interior, our technicians in Maple Grove will do a camera inspection to ensure quality work and to check for potential causes of concern. You will be given recommendations based on the state of your sewer pipes. If a good cleaning is all that’s needed, then you can quickly go back to life without worrying about clogs and sewer backups. If repairs are needed, then our team can carry out a trenchless repair where a new pipe is created inside the old one. Hydro jetting prepares the pipe to receive the liner as it cleans the interior, making the liner and resin stick smoothly onto the walls of the damaged pipe.

Hydro jetting is a great maintenance procedure for Maple Grove homeowners and business owners who don’t want to be caught in a plumbing emergency. If you start noticing drain pipe problems, call our team at Marvel Sewer & Drain immediately. Our technicians will arrive on time and restore your sewer line’s performance to optimal condition to your peace of mind.

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