Storm Drain Lining in Maple Grove, MN

Storm drain problems can escalate from cracks and leaks to full-blown emergencies, which can cause significant property damage, health concern and flooding. At Marvel Sewer & Drain, our technicians are ready to handle any storm drain concern. Pipe lining in Maple Grove, Minnesota is currently the best method of repairing storm drain lines; it’s a no dig solution that restores drain structural integrity in just a few hours.

Trenchless Repair – CIPP in Storm Drains

Our technicians in Maple Grove will arrive on time and first set up an advanced camera equipment for a comprehensive inspection of your storm drain system. We use state-of-the-art CCTV cameras attached to a flexible line and insert the contraption in to the drain system to find out the cause of your concern. Real-time visual feed confirms if the pipes are broken, clogged or suffering from age-related issues. For pipes that have small diameters, the problem is usually flooding and clogging. If left unaddressed, sometimes the waste backs up and causes significant property damage.

Our technicians will determine if pipe lining is the best solution to rehabilitate your storm drain lines. We prepare a special hydro jetting piece of equipment to rid your pipes of stuck debris, i.e., mud, leaves, sand and other items and to prepare the interior for the trenchless technology. Then, we set a length of liner and coat it with a special epoxy resin. The liner is then inserted, inflated and cured in place using steam or hot water. The end result is a new pipe within a pipe that solves many common storm drain malfunctions.

At the end of the CIPP procedure is a more durable pipe that’s seamless and jointless. This new section of pipe then replaces the broken pipe that it was cured inside. It eliminates the usual issues that are commonly associated with corrugated storm drains, including cracking, leaks, corrosion and root intrusion. Calcified deposits that tend to stick to the inner walls of the pipe will flow along with the new HDPE pipe material. Moreover, you can enjoy improved flow, efficient capacity and a pipe that can last for more than 40 years.

Signs Of A Failing Storm Drain

Homeowners and business owners must be aware of the common signs that their storm drains are in trouble. For broken pipes, the problem extends to the soil or the ground as the leaks start to erode it. Sinkholes may form seemingly overnight. You will need to address the concern as soon as possible, especially if there’s a significant amount of foot traffic involved.

Parking lot, catch basin, and storm drains tend to slow down and even become stuck if tree roots have invaded the pipes. Moreover, clogs can form if there’s a large amount of hard debris, including leaves, plastic, mud, dirt, sticks and the like. If there’s any unusual odor smell in the drain, then you can expect persistent sewer backups.

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At Marvel Sewer & Drain, we use the latest technology to bring convenience and peace of mind to our Maple Grove customers. We have the experience, the skill, and the equipment to resolve any plumbing or storm drain concerns you might be facing. When you choose trenchless you avoid having to pay for excavation and restoration costs. Call us for the best storm drain lining repair in Maple Grove so you can get back on track as soon as possible.

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