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Drain Cleaning Services in Minneapolis, MN

Drains require professional cleanings on a regular basis, and it’s important that experts perform these jobs. Our innovations in drain cleaning services in Minneapolis, MN have helped us stray away from digging trenches or pouring corrosive chemicals down the pipes in the hopes of removing the clogs. Instead, our practices are eco-friendly, fast, efficient, and serve as preventative measures for major accidents in the future. Our drain cleaning company in Minneapolis, MN  ensure that our customers won’t be inconvenienced by our work, getting them back into their daily routines quickly, and providing the best, long-lasting results. If your home suffers from any of the following issues, don’t hesitate to call Marvel Sewer and Drain for all of your needs:

Slow Drains

Frequently used drains in the bathtub, sink, and shower is more likely to become clogged over time. In these cases, hiring a professional to clean the pipe will help prevent the clogs from forming as often and keep these vital drains working properly.

You’re going to get home, and you’re ready to wash your face, and after drying your face off, you notice that the sink is still half full of water. What happened? Bathtub and shower drain, as well as bathroom sink drains, are especially prone to stubborn clogs because of all the hair that gets washed down them. If you find yourself having to clean hair out of your drain frequently, chances are you’re not succeeding in removing the entire clog each time. If you don’t have a professional come in and clean the drain the clog might turn into a full-blown plug and you’ll have to deal with a bigger issue.

Multiple Clogged Drain in Minneapolis, MN

If more than one sink, toilet, or tub begins to drain inefficiently, this may point to a clog within the mainline. Chemical drain cleaners will be unable to remove the debris in the main line, which is exactly why a drain cleaning in Minneapolis, MN is required. We will be able to pinpoint the complication and quickly fix it with modern, simple techniques that are eco-friendly and non-invasive.

Foul Odors

Clogs inside of drains will begin to reek over time if left unchecked, and persistent odors can be an indicator of a major drainage issue. Our camera inspections will be able to find the source of the strong smell and remove it quickly.

Flooding Water

If a clog is large enough to completely block the flow of water, this leads to flooding within homes. Common areas for flooding water include basements and next to floor drains, and this requires immediate attention.

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