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Roof Drain Lining in Minneapolis, MN

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Roof Drain Lining Services Minneapolis, MN

Commercial properties in Minneapolis should take preventive measures and opt for roof drain lining the moment they notice small issues. A tiny roof drain leak can grow and turn into a business-disrupting emergency if left unchecked. At Marvel Sewer and Drain, we have modern techniques to restore your leaky roof drain in just a few hours. First, we use an HD camera to find the exact problem spot. Then, we use trenchless technology to repair your drains within just one day via a special epoxy resin pipe lining procedure.

Steps Involved In Lining The Roof Drain In Minneapolis, MN Homes

Our professional plumber in Minneapolis MN makes use of specialized, industry-standard Ridgid cameras, along with an optic cable to conduct an inspection on your roof drain system. The live feed sends snapshots and footage that we can use to find clogs, cracks, and more. This ensures we can employ the right solution for you.

Camera inspection is a vital part of the roof drain lining process. Leaks that form in the roof drain system can affect electrical wiring that’s also located inside the walls. When the water and moisture get to living spaces, it can damage flooring, drywall, and furniture. When apartments and multi-storied condos experience these problems, then the whole vertical stack system is affected. It’s not uncommon for whole floors to experience flooding.

Roof Drain Lining Minneapolis MN

Our expert restorative techniques can be done from the roof, and this won’t cause any disruption for your business or the residents who live in the property. A broken pipe can be repaired without causing trouble for your resident’s daily routine. Cleaning is done prior to the lining process. Marvel Sewer and Drain use the latest hydro jetting service to clear out any debris, buildup, and obstructions. A specialized water jet head attached to a hose spouts highly pressurized water to remove wash away the inside of the drain pipes.

Once there’s a diagnosis and the pipes are cleaned, then it’s on to the pipe lining. A liner is coated with special epoxy resin, then inserted into the roof drain until it reaches the problem pipe. The liner is inflated and the resin becomes attached to the inner walls of the broken pipe. After a few hours, the resin hardens and a new pipe is formed within the old one.

You save time and money by opting for trenchless pipe lining instead of traditional methods. Plus, you won’t have to deal with digging and the demolition of your building facade. The new pipe material that forms will be better than the old one in so many ways. Aside from sealing gaps, leaks, and cracks, the new pipe won’t allow mineral buildup or roots from nearby trees to get inside. It’s unaffected by sudden changes in temperature, weather, and outdoor environment. The new pipe won’t corrode and can last for decades.

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Call 763-445-9005 Serving Anoka, Hennepin and surrounding counties.

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