Sewer Camera Inspection in Minneapolis, MN

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Sewer Pipe Camera Inspection in Minneapolis, MN

At Marvel Sewer and Drain, we incorporate the latest trenchless methods into our sewer camera inspection services in Minneapolis, MN to ensure that problems like low water pressure and slow draining pipes won’t plague our customers. Our sewer pipe inspections in Minneapolis, MN provide peace of mind and make the past methods of fixing pipes — digging trenches and destroying properties — a thing of the past. We have the solutions for many common issues, and we are capable of fixing all of them quickly and efficiently.

Marvel Sewer and Drain provides a wide range of quality sewer camera inspection services in Minneapolis, MN, including:

Common Sewer Pipe Issues
  • The pipes are punctured and blocked because of tree roots
  • A foreign material has lodged in and caused all kinds of blockage issues
  • Old pipes no longer function efficiently
  • The joints that connect the sewer pipes are broken or crushed, causing leaks
  • Sewer pipes backup and overflow because of clogs that prevent optimal sewage flow
  • Freezing temperatures and shifting soil causes the pipes to break
  • Pipes are incorrectly installed by contractors

With our sewer pipe inspection techniques, all of these problems can be exposed and dealt with accordingly.

Fast and Accurate Sewer Pipe Inspections

Advancements in new technology and trenchless methods revolutionize the sewer pipe inspection process. High-definition cameras allow us to see into the sewer pipes and find the problem through the monitor. The CCTV lens is attached to a flexible line that can easily bend and curve with the pipe. Once our experts have determined the problem, they will be able to advise homeowners on the ideal solution. We guarantee that our methods are eco-friendly and finished within a few hours. Regularly scheduled sewer inspection in Minneapolis, MN help prevent major problems from occurring in the future, and should your sewer pipes need fixing, our trenchless methods encourage our customers to quickly resolve the problem without fearing property damage and inconvenience.  At Marvel Sewer and Drain, our highly-qualified plumber in  Minneapolis, MN  also specializes in:

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Marvel Sewer and Drain is an expert company in the field of sewer pipe lining and sewer pipe inspections. We carry out all of our inspections and repairs quickly and efficiently, and if you need assistance, don’t hesitate to call us. We will give you peace of mind and help resolve your sewer pipeline issues without delay.  We serve the following locations and their surrounding areas:

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