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Sewer Pipe Camera Inspection in Plymouth, MN

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Plymouth, Minnesota Sewer Pipe Camera Inspection Services

Our staff of experts and professionals at Marvel Sewer and Drain is proud to serve the Plymouth, Minnesota area with our effective and precise sewer camera inspections. These inspections are the best, most advanced method of both diagnosing pipeline issues and providing preventative care for a building’s sewer pipelines.

Sewer camera inspections are not invasive to your building’s interior or property landscaping. The camera and optic fiber cable are usually inserted into the pipeline’s cleanout access. This access point is commonly a capped portion of the pipe, usually placed near the building’s outside wall. There is no digging required. At Marvel Sewer and Drain, we utilize Ridgid brand, industry-standard cameras and video technology to inspect sewer pipes. Clients are welcome to watch the real-time video which the camera captures as it both displays and records the condition of the interior circumference of the entire pipeline length, straight to the connection with the curbside municipal sewer line.

Our experienced technician will be able to identify the materials composing the current pipeline. Any cracks, breaks, corrosion, or worn spots found will be discussed with our client and options of trenchless repair clarified. Depending upon whether a clog is found, or multiple breaks are located, a high-pressure hydro-jetting cleaning service, cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining, or pipe bursting methods can be employed to solve the condition. All of these options are trenchless options. The offending pipe does not need to be dug up and removed. There is no tearing apart of your landscape involved during the repairs.

Once the current state of the building’s sewer pipelines is determined, our Marvel Sewer and Drain technician can recommend a future preventative inspection timeline that works for you and your building’s pipes.

Plymouth MN Sewer Drian Inspection

If your home is older than twenty years it is recommended that the sewer pipes are maintained through inspections scheduled on a regular basis. Pipes that are twenty years old, or older, will have been produced by older standards, and it is likely that they are corroding, pitted, or worn. If trees have been growing nearby during the same time frame, roots may have cracked the pipeline and invaded the interior of the pipe. Both root balls and simple clogs will continue to grow and obstruct flow until they are identified and removed or repaired.

In addition, we make sure to offer our services for newer homes as well in order to maintain the quality of the newer pipelines and ensure that your system continues to operate smoothly. Our sewer camera inspections encourage proactive care of the system, allowing us to identify small problems before they can cause major accidents in your home, saving you from needing to spend exorbitant amounts on repairs anytime in the near future.

Sewer pipe camera inspections are also recommended prior to any kitchen or bathroom remodeling. Older pipes may not be able to withstand the additional waste or water flow that these remodels present.

Knowing the state of a building’s sewer pipelines is the most cost-effective way to prevent extensive issues further in the future. Our team at Marvel Sewer and Drain want to provide you with punctual, accurate service and eliminate any sewer line concerns. Call us now to make an appointment and see how we can help you!

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Call 763-445-9005 Serving Anoka, Hennepin and surrounding counties.

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