Clog Dog Drain Cleaning in St. Louis Park, MN

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St. Louis Park, Minnesota Drain Cleaning

Our team at Marvel Sewer and Drain are here to provide you with effective sewer repair methods that allow for fast solutions for your home or business. Our team is comprised of professionals who will carefully clean the drains and mitigate the risks and inconveniences of the process. We only provide the most effective drain cleaning methods to ensure you are satisfied with your end results. Constantly providing our customers with innovative nondestructive means of drain pipe cleaning and sewer repair, Marvel Sewer and Drain uses Clog Dog technology to guarantee clean drains and satisfied customers.

Clog Dog Drain Cleaning Equipment & Process

The Clog Dog drain cleaning process is cleaner and safer than traditional snaking tools that use cables to unclog pipes and create a huge mess. The Clog Dog is an innovative device that is the next step in drain cleaning equipment and works more effectively than traditional drain cleaning devices. If you are dealing with a clogged shower, garbage disposal, sink, or toilet, contact us right away. We use state-of-the-art technology to deal with pesky clogs trapped in drains that can create an even larger problem if they aren’t dealt with in the right way.

At Marvel Sewer and Drain, we utilize the Clog Dog to properly clean your drain in a noninvasive and affordable way. It is a device that fits in small places which provides easy access to hard to reach drain and sewer pipes. The Clog Dog works by terminating roots, hair, buildup, and more that are causing a clog in your drain or sewer pipe. The device works similar to a wood chipper where it sucks up debris and releases it out of the system in a substance that resembles dust. As it runs, it is safe and allows for our technicians to use a camera to supervise the machine as it works taking up very little time and giving you an end result that you are satisfied with.

Our team can assist you with indoor and outdoor services from kitchen drains to pool decks and storm drains. The Clog Dog can also patch a hole in a pipe without digging it up or replacing the pipe all together. The Clog Dog can create a patch made of fiberglass materials that will seal the damaged pipe without ever having to use dig and replace methods.

If you notice that you have a drain issue, do not wait until it gets out of control or creates a significant problem for your home or business. Clog Dogs are the newest way to clean your drains making the work we do for you cleaner and safer than it has ever been before.

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If your home in the St. Louis Park area is suffering from clogged drains, call Marvel Sewer and Drain for assistance! We are here to help you solve your drain problems in the most efficient way possible. Our team is made up of fast and friendly technicians who guarantee the job will be done right the first time giving you long-lasting results.

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