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St. Louis Park, Minnesota Sewer Pipe Repair Services

At Marvel Sewer and Drain, we know that repairing your sewer lines can be a daunting process for many homeowners in St. Louis Park. Fortunately, it is one that has changed drastically over the years transitioning from damaging dig-and-replace methods to modern trenchless technologies. Our sewer line repair methods are dependable and long-lasting, and we guarantee to give you satisfying solutions to your sewer line problems.

The Repairs We Offer At Marvel Sewer & Drain

Our team at Marvel Sewer and Drain will first assess your damaged sewer line with a sewer camera inspection. This allows our technicians to carefully diagnose the problem and determine what course of action to take when repairing your sewer lines. Because of this, we offer a variety of sewer line repair services that will provide you with a solution that satisfies your needs. When diagnosing the problem, there could be a variety of reasons your sewer lines are not working efficiently. There could be a broken or collapsed pipe, blockage, corrosion, leaking joints, root infestation, and more.

Every member of our Marvel Sewer and Drain team is trained in using the most effective method of sewer line repair and state-of-the-art equipment. Traditional sewer line repair begins with using a trench-based method to access the portion of the pipe that is damaged. After this process is over, the area will be refilled to restore that specific area of the property. In contrast, trenchless sewer line repair methods avoid deep trenches and damaged property providing you with quickly going into pipes through the sewer camera inspection previously discussed to assess the issue and repair sewer lines in an eco-friendly way.

Additional trenchless technologies for sewer line repair are pipe bursting and pipe relining. Pipe bursting is used by creating small access points where the damaged pipe begins and ends. Through the first entry point, there is a mechanism that pushes a bursting head with a new sewer line attached through the old damaged pipe breaking it up as it goes to make room for the new pipe. The new pipe will be very resilient and satisfactory. Sewer pipe relining is a process where damaged sewer pipes are repaired by creating a pipe within a pipe. An epoxy lined tube will be inserted into the pipe, just as pipe bursting is employed, but instead of breaking up the pipe, pipe lining inflates the epoxy covered tube to line your old one. When the old pipe is lined the epoxy is given time to harden sealing all previous imperfections. This creates a smooth interior and brand-new pipe.

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All methods discussed are effective and dependable. Sewer line repair is essential to your home or business to keep life going smoothly. At Marvel Sewer and Drain, we are here to make things easier and provide you with top of the line repair methods. If you are experiencing sewer line problems, calls us for assistance! We have a team of elite experts in the industry who are eager to fix your sewer lines in St. Louis Park with speed and professionalism.

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