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Burst Pipe Repair in West St. Paul, MN

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The city of West St. Paul, MN can be a great place for anyone to live. While there is a great local economy and plenty of recreational activities all year, there are still some challenges that come with living in the area. One challenge that some property owners have to deal with from time to time is a burst pipe that is in need of pipe repair. When in need of burst pipe repair in West St. Paul, MN, you should call the pipe repair specialists of Marvel Sewer and Drain.

Signs of a Burst Pipe

There are some obvious signs that you have a burst pipe that needs to be repaired by our team. One of the most common signs is if you suddenly experience a water leak in some areas of your home. Especially during the coldest months of the year, it is relatively common that a pipe could expand due to ice in it. This could then cause a small crack or a larger burst. If you do suddenly notice a leak in your home, you should shut off your main water supply and call a local specialist immediately.

Inspection Services

Once you have called a professional plumber in West St. Paul, MN to your home, we will be able to provide a full inspection and assessment. This will include determining the full scope of the damage to your piping and plumbing system. Depending on this assessment, it could be determined that you will be fine with only receiving a small repair. In these situations, it is possible to receive a trenchless pipe repair that will allow Marvel Sewer and Drain to remove a small section of pipework or even patch it back up. This is normally a more efficient process than a full replacement.

Full Pipe Replacement

While there are advantages that come with a pipe repair, there are situations when you will need to receive a full replacement of your pipes. If you need a full pipe replacement in West St. Paul, MN, our burst pipe specialists can provide this service as well. This part of the process will include making sure that the existing damaged pipes are disconnected and removed completely. Our team will then be able to install a new set of pipes that are properly connected to the rest of your plumbing system. This will help to fix the leak and ensure that no further damage is done to the interior of your home.

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Due to the very cold winter months in the West St. Paul MN area, a burst pipe is something that a lot of people need to deal with. Since a burst pipe can be a significant problem, call us at Marvel Sewer and Drain as soon as you can. You can be assured that your pipes are properly cared for and repaired. We can also provide full inspection service to make sure that the rest of your pipe and plumbing system is in good working order and not at risk of further damage.

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