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Roof Drain Lining in St. Paul, MN

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Roof Drain Lining Services in West St. Paul, MN

At Marvel Sewer and Drain, we are committed to providing residential and commercial owners the best kind of plumbing service in the West St. Paul area. Our technicians will come up with the best long-term solution for ultimate peace of mind. In our roof drain lining process, we use the latest equipment and technology to repair your pipes without ever digging a single hole or tearing through the walls. Your drain line will be fixed using a process known as CIPP, a no-dig solution that we use to repair pipes located deep beneath the ground.

Problematic roof drain pipes can cause disruption and inconvenience for Minnesota homeowners, business owners, and property managers. Broken roof lines can develop into serious health concerns as allergen and mold spread out to living spaces below. Weak roof structures may collapse in the advent of a strong storm.

Roof Drain Lining Services St Paul MN

Is Roof Drain Lining Right for My West St. Paul Property?

Our expert technicians at Marvel Sewer and Drain recommend roof drain lining as the answer to repairing bubbles, blisters, tears, and cracks that appear in your roof pipes. This procedure can cover a single section or a whole length of the drain line as needed with just a few adjustments. The curing at the end eliminates the pressing issue while extending the life of your drain pipes.

At Marvel Sewer and Drain, we offer roof drain lining for homes, multi-family housing communities and commercial complexes in West St. Paul. Any type of roof drain can be fixed when you opt for this method. Moreover, this type of trenchless procedure is best if the ailing line is difficult to get to or unsafe, such as when there are severely damaged or absent lines.

Minnesota Roof Drain Repair Using Contemporary Trenchless Technology

Our trenchless service begins with a camera inspection using the latest high-definition equipment. If necessary, our technicians conduct leak detection tests to verify and find the source of the problem and any other underlying concerns.

There’s no need to tear down your West St. Paul roof drain. You won’t have to worry about your walls or flooring when our technicians carry out the repair. The pipe’s inner surface is cleared of any waste or debris using hydro jetting, a cleaning technique that uses pressurized water and a special nozzle. Then, a felt liner is prepared and coated with special epoxy resin. After a few hours the resin forms on the inside of the broken pipe, forming a new, seamless and jointless material within the host pipe. This trenchless technology effectively seals holes and cracks from within. The seamless material is rust-free and can withstand sub-zero temperatures and environmental heat.

Call Marvel Sewer and Drain for the Best Roof Drain Lining Services 

Our team at Marvel Sewer and Drain is proud to serve the whole West St. Paul area with high quality, affordable solutions to roof drain problems. Schedule your roof drain repair today and you can rely on us to get your daily life or business operation back on track with professionalism and speed.

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Call 763-445-9005 Serving Anoka, Hennepin and surrounding counties.

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