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At Marvel Sewer and Drain, our highly-qualified plumbers in Minneapolis, MN, and surrounding areas are ready to save the day when you’re in need of high-quality drain maintenance and cleaning, sewer line replacement, sewer camera inspections, and burst pipe repair in Minneapolis MN or any of the surrounding areas. We’re an independently owned and operated family business that proudly serves customers in Minneapolis and nearby areas that include Brooklyn Park, St. Paul, and Maple Grove.

First-Rate Burst Pipe, Drain Cleaning, and Sewer Repair Services

We pride ourselves on providing a wide range of home and business services involving sewer repair, drain-related needs, and burst pipe repair in Minneapolis MN and the nearby communities. You’re welcome to call on our courteous, skilled team for any of the services discussed below.

  • Sewer Repair: Our goal with sewer repair is to be as minimally invasive as possible. We do this by using no-dig cured-in-place (CIPP) technology and similar cost-effective methods.
  • Pipe Repair: We repair all types of pipes, including internal and external ones. We’ll determine which method is most appropriate for your situation. We also perform urgent burst pipe repair when pipes suddenly demand attention.
  • Drain Cleaning: Be proactive about keeping your drains working properly by taking advantage of our cleaning services to get rid of debris and other substances that tend to gather in drains.
  • Hydro Jetting: One of the methods we use to clean and unclog drains is hydro jetting. It involves the careful delivery of powerful blasts of water into pipes to restore normal flow.
  • Sewer Pipe Camera Inspection: High-tech cameras are used by our trained technicians to perform sewer camera inspections to determine what’s going on with your pipes and drains.
  • Sewer Cleaning: Our strategic cleaning methods can be used to prevent backups and keep your sewer system in good shape or remove blockages already affecting your sewer drains.
  • Sewer Line Replacement: With sewer line replacement, our goal is to utilize techniques that replace damaged or worn sewer lines without the need for digging or excavation.
  • Drain Inspection: The first step we take with drain problems is to use a state-of-the-art camera to view the drain to get a better idea of the overall condition of your drains.
  • Commercial Sewer Repair: Pay more attention to your business needs and let our experienced team quickly and effectively repair your sewer drains.
  • Residential Sewer Repair: We’re just as meticulous about helping homeowners in Minneapolis and nearby areas get the peace of mind they deserve when sewer repair is needed.
Why Choose Marvel Sewer and Drain?

Marvel Sewer and Drain is a family business that has a personalized approach to offering sewer and drain services. We’re very respectful of our customers’ properties and we make every effort to minimize disruptions while working with innovative techniques that include sewer camera inspections, hydro jetting, and trenchless repair methods. We’ll even offer tips on how to prevent future plumbing problems.

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Regardless of what has you contacting Marvel Sewer and Drain, we’re fully dedicated to quality work and your satisfaction. This is why we offer a six-month work guarantee. We’re also pleased to be your trusted source for drain repair and cleaning and sewer repair services in the following areas:

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