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Sewer Repair Specialists

Many companies offer a “trenchless” solution that might prevent them from destroying your entire yard but doesn’t typically provide a truly no-dig solution. Our unique methods allow us to enter your plumbing from an existing access point, meaning many jobs don’t require digging in any capacity. We have all the tools and expertise to get things done the best way for you!

For all your drain or sewer issues, contact us online or give us a call at 763-335-1764 to schedule an appointment.

Eliminate Issues – Not Your Lawn!

No-Dig Sewer Repair

We’ll fix your sewer and preserve your yard while doing it. Our specialized, minimally-invasive methods eliminate the need to excavate property for repair. Get minor fixes or even total replacements with our trained technicians and advanced technology.

preventative action


Quickly gain an understanding of your plumbing’s health. Whether you suspect there may be something going on or simply want to be proactive, we can take a peek. We will scope your pipes with our cameras and let you know what’s going on.



Clogs happen to everyone! At some point or another, we all experience them. We’ll flush out all the gunk and get things draining normally, both inside and outside your property.

Excavation Repair


Sometimes, ya just gotta dig in. Our wide-range of technology and skillsets encompasses traditional sewer repair as well. Rest assured, however it’s accomplished, with Marvel Sewer and Drain it will be job well-done.