Commercial Sewer Repair

In the Minneapolis area, Marvel Sewer and Drain is your one-stop-shop for all issues regarding your home’s sewer and drain needs. What if your plumbing issues are happening at your business or on city property? Marvel Sewer and Drain also work with commercial and municipal properties to address their sewer repair and replacement needs.

Sewer Repair Process

We utilize much of the same technology for commercial and municipal repair jobs as well as residential properties, but the scope may be much greater. We are able to repair pipes and drains with much larger diameters. The expert team of professionals with Marvel Sewer and Drain can address the health of ailing infrastructure systems and how they interact with city sewer systems. First, we will utilize camera inspection systems to pinpoint the faulty pipe and drain connections, as well as do a full inspection of the system to determine any future problem areas. Once the source of the problem is located, a plan of action and estimate of costs will be determined to repair the leak, blockage, or broken drain.

Reasons for Sewer Repair

Depending on what the actual problem is with your business’s or city’s sewer and drain, a variety of sewer repair techniques may be used to correct the issue. Major blockages from tree roots, debris from flooding, or even trash and waste can create clogs that inhibit water flow into the sewer. These blockages can cause water to back up into your building or on city streets. Sewer backup from these blockages are a safety hazard and must be repaired quickly to avoid health concerns and resulting litigation against your business or the municipality. Cracked water pipes resulting from frozen pipes are common in the Minneapolis area. Winter can be harsh and frozen pipes are a direct result of the cold weather, in addition to debris brought in from ice and snow melts.

Sewer Repair Procedures

Marvel Sewer and Drain implement many trenchless technology services to avoid costing your business time and money on major replacement projects. Sometimes the damage is too severe to utilize these technologies, but with advancements in the trenchless repair market, companies and municipalities can often avoid having entire sections dug up and replaced.

Avoiding these more traditional methods can save money and time as well as causing less stress to citizens and potential customers with the repair process. Processes such as cured-in-place pipe lining or CIPP is a process that essentially relines the existing line without replacing the existing line. These liners are environmentally friendly and often hold up for decades, allowing you to schedule the replacement of major sections of pipes to a time that is less destructive for your business or city.

Replacement of Sewer Lines

If the sewer line is beyond repair and needs to be replaced, Marvel Sewer and Drain is the company you need to call for your business or city’s sewer replacement needs. We have the equipment and expertise to handle all your plumbing maintenance and plumbing emergencies. We will work with your business and municipalities to get the pipe or drain repaired as quickly as possible with minimal damage to the surrounding property.

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