Common Plumbing Problems

At Marvel Sewer and Drain, we offer top-quality drain cleaning and sewer services in the Twin Cities region. Our objective is to fix the most common plumbing problems while saving our customers time and money, whether for residential or commercial properties.

Low Water Pressure

If you notice that both your hot and cold water are experiencing low pressure, the culprit could very well be the aerator. Calcium deposits accumulate in the faucet aerator as you use them everyday, which could build up enough to cause low water pressure. Other probable causes include a clog, a hidden leak, or disturbances in your water main pipes.

Clogged Toilet

Toilets can clog at the narrow pipe opening as it deposits waste and liquid into the sewer line. Small materials can build up on the inner diameter and eventually cause a clog. In some cases, items and objects that should not be flushed down the toilet trigger a clog and emergency sewer services.

Running Toilet

A running toilet is when you see water trickling even when you’re not using it. When left alone, running toilets can run up your water bill as it wastes gallons of water a day. Have a professional technician inspect the flapper, the fill valve, or the flush valve for any faults, leaks, or defects. Once the source is found it’s just a matter of having the part replaced with a new one.

Slow Drains

Mineral buildup, soap scum, conditioner, lint, and soap all contribute to a slow-working drain that can cause clogs. The older the pipe, the more prone it is to clog. We do not recommend the use of commercial chemical drain cleaners as it can corrode the pipe material and be harmful to your health if used improperly.

Sewer Backup

Sewer lines collapse or break due for several reasons, including aging and decay. If the pipes are made of clay, cast iron, or Orangeburg, then a constant sewer backup often signifies that it’s time for a trenchless repair or replacement. The best sign for this is when you start smelling sewage originating from your drains or if the drains begin to push waste out of the drain in the opposite direction.

Tree roots can also cause your sewer lines to back up. Roots from bushes, shrubs, and nearby trees can invade your pipes at the cracks or joints and impede any flow. When this happens you can trust our experts to restore your pipes to working order using the latest drain cleaning in Minneapolis, MN, and trenchless repair technologies.

Pipe Leaks

Pipes can develop holes, cracks, and leaks over time. Hard water, constant high pressure, and clogs can accelerate the process as well. At Marvel Sewer and Drain, our highly trained technicians can immediately respond to emergencies caused by burst or leaky pipes. We use state-of-the-art technology to provide the best solution for our customers.

Our sewer and drain experts recommend regular sewer camera inspections to stay on top of your sewer line’s condition. Our method involves sending down an HD camera attached to a fiber optic line that can travel to any point in your underground sewer system. From there, we come up with an appropriate diagnosis and the right solution, whether drain cleaning by hydro jetting, trenchless repair, or pipe replacement. Call us today to see how we can solve even the most common plumbing problems, from pipe corrosion, tree root invasion, and more.

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