Clogged Toilet

Toilets are notorious for causing frequent clogs, back ups, and high utility bills as water runs continuously. If you have a clogged toilet, we are here to help.

At Marvel Sewer and Drain, we offer professional drain cleaning services using the latest CCTV equipment and hydro jetting technology. With an HD camera and a flexible line, our expert technicians can locate the source of the problem and provide the right solution for the best results.

Common Toilet Issues

Too much large debris, including q-tips, scraps of toilet paper, toys or bottles can clog up the toilet trap in a hurry. Cotton balls, wet wipes, dental floss and hair can clog up the pipes leading to and from the toilet and cause constant backups. Emergencies can be caused by children unknowingly flushing their toys or when parents dispose of diapers improperly. Regardless, many plumbing problems are caused simply because materials were flushed into the sewer system that shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

Modern toilets have newer technologies such as roof vents that send fresh air into the sewer line and prevent vacuums that impede overall sewer flow. These vents are not immune to repairs, however. Over time, they can become filled with sticks, leaves, and other matter that may otherwise block the opening.

Our technicians are experts at diagnosing clogs due to tree roots and cracked pipes. When you’re experiencing simultaneous clogs on your fixtures, then it could mean that your sewer lines are due for a hydro jetting procedure. The accumulation of toilet paper, waste material, and calcified matter can narrow your pipe circumference considerably; also, tree roots can weaken the line’s structure and let in sediment or other harmful material.

Sewer and Drain Solutions for a Clogged Toilet

At Marvel Sewer & Drain, we recommend hydro jetting to clear your toilet drain pipes of clogs and debris. The trenchless drain cleaning procedure involves the use of a specialized nozzle attached to a hydro jetting machine, allowing our trained technician to blast water into your pipes at the right pressure. The water cuts through any and all kinds of debris and matter, clearing up years of built-up debris in your toilet, bathtub and bathroom sink drains.

Blockages and other items such as hair, food particles and paper products are broken down and sent out of your sewer system. All toxic material, including grime, sludge and bacteria are carried away to the nearest municipal treatment plant. Your pipe’s inner diameter is restored and should function good as new.

Clogged drains and backups often occur in inopportune times, but our capable technicians are always ready and willing to help. Our specialists are on call 247 to help you restore full drainage and resolve clogged toilet concerns. After the trenchless drain cleaning service is done, we conduct a final sewer camera inspection to ensure the blockage is cleared and that your pipes are restored to full working order. Regular drain cleaning ensures you won’t get hit with the same problem every week, thereby saving you time and money. Call us today.

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