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One of the worst feelings in the world is when you are taking a shower and suddenly the tub is filled with water halfway up your leg. It’s frustrating and it certainly doesn’t feel clean. No one is looking to take a half-shower and half-bath when trying to get cleaned up. Sure, when this happens you can opt for DIY home remedies that may or may not fix the problem; however, a lot of these home remedies are either a temporary fix or they don’t resolve the overall issue. At Marvel Sewer and Drain, we have an abundance of trustworthy and certified technicians who will not only be able to fix the current problem but will also be able to resolve the overall issue. There are a variety of reasons that your drain may be draining slowly, and it may not have anything to do with a clump of hair.

Reasons Your Pipes are Draining Slowly

While clumps of hair and grime are a common culprit in a slow drain, there are a few other reasons that this may be occurring and perhaps happens often. Some of these causes are just simple fix such as clearing out dirt, grime, and hair clumps, but some are a symptom of a more serious problem. Steel pipes have a long lifeline of approximately twenty years, but overtime the maintenance of your plumbing system becomes increasingly important. While the life of steel pipes is longer, if unchecked the debris and corrosion could be one of the reasons that your drains are acting up.

Corrosion and debris are also common reasons your drains will slow down. Corrosion within your pipes mean that the minerals flowing through the water begin to stick to the inside walls of the system. If this goes on long enough, the corrosion begins to interrupt the flow of the water both when draining from the tub or sink and when coming through the faucet.

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Some additional signs to look out for in addition to slow draining water is if you are experiencing a strange odor around or near any water source within your home. If your toilet is having trouble flushing compared to previous times, this would also be a sign of a slow drain.

At Marvel Sewer and Drain, our specialized technicians utilize high-quality technology to diagnose what is really going on with your plumbing system. We understand how difficult and frustrating plumbing problems can be this is why we want to serve as fast as we can while providing the highest quality of service at the most affordable prices.

We are directly located in Fridley, Minnesota, but we also service the Twin City Metro areas as well. Marvel Sewer and Drain, is an independent family owned business. You can call our phone number directly or you can make an appointment through our website and one of our associates would be happy to come inspect your home.

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