Tree Root Invasion

Trees are beneficial, but when placed in the wrong location they can prove to be a headache for homeowners and business owners alike.

The roots constantly seek out nourishment from nearby sources. They enter pipes that have been compromised, cracked, have holes or weak joints. Once they’re in, roots quickly invade and plug up your sewer lines. Their force and volume can open up damaged sections further, leading to a burst pipe, which leads to an emergency and a huge repair bill.

How To Spot Signs Of Tree Root Problems

When roots from nearby shrubs and trees enter water or sewer lines, they cause unpleasant odors that smell like rotten eggs or raw sewage. Our technicians have dealt with clogged pipes that are caused by root obstruction. Homeowners often complain that they hear unusual gurgling noises and strange sounds coming from their drains and toilets. Sometimes there are stoppages and even basement flooding if the root condition is severe. If you notice sinkholes forming on the outside of your house, call Marvel Sewer and Drain immediately in order to prevent further damage and costly repair bills.

Drain System Inspection

At Marvel Sewer & Drain, our highly-trained technicians use the latest in trenchless technology to capture images of your pipe’s interior. We can determine if there are roots and what needs to be done. The kind of pipe material used in your plumbing system is a major factor when it comes to assessing root penetration.

Clay pipes are susceptible to root intrusion due to their fragile nature. If the break is significantly large, then you run the risk of groundwater and soil contamination, which could lead to the formation of depressions or sinkholes above the ground. Iron is strong structurally, but weak against corrosion. Over time, the weak points can easily be entered by strong roots. These materials are the least prone to root invasion, but any crack, leak or joint damage can lead to a choked pipeline.

Cracked pipes due to tree roots can cause all sorts of damage. Our company recommends having a trenchless sewer camera inspection every two years to ensure that roots from nearby trees aren’t inside your sewer lines. If roots have managed to find their way in through a crack or loose joint, we recommend clearing them via hydro jetting and strengthening your plumbing system via pipe lining.

Hydro Jetting

This procedure uses large amounts of pressurized water to flush out debris and years of accumulated waste, including tree roots. Our expert technicians know just how much pressure to use to disintegrate the roots and send them out from your sewer system to the nearest municipal treatment center.

Our technicians can determine if you’ll need a repair or replacement. For example, to prevent the recurring issues with clay pipes, we would offer to replace your lines with a stronger and newer material that should last for a much longer time.

Trenchless technology lets us conduct inspections, repairs, and cleaning without having to dig up a trench and cause inconveniences for you, your family, or business operations. Best of all, you won’t have to hire heavy machinery and additional manpower to get a functional sewer system that works like new. Call us today to learn more about trenchless technology and how it can solve your tree root problems.

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