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Cracked Pipes

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Cracked pipes are compromised sections of your sewer system which can lead to groundwater contaminations, blockages and property damage. At Marvel Sewer & Drain, we offer comprehensive inspections and repair services in the Twin Cities region for both residential and commercial property owners. Our experience and expertise coupled with the latest advances in trenchless technology allows us to come up with an accurate diagnosis and the right solution.

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How Do You Know if you Have a Cracked Pipe?

Our professional technicians can determine if your sewer system has a cracked pipe or section.

  • Foul Odor. This symptom may mean that the sewage and waste material haven’t exited your sewer system properly and has accumulated at the main public sewer line.

  • Bubbling Noises. Bubbling noises may be heard as you operate toilets, sinks and drains anywhere in the house or commercial property. This is caused by air trying to escape a solid blockage.

  • Sewer Backups. Your bath, shower, and toilet drains will start backing up into your home or business establishment, causing property damage and inconvenience.

The effects of a cracked pipe will be small at first, but soon turn into a huge concern if left unchecked. At Marvel Sewer & Drain, we can conduct a camera inspection without ever digging a single hole when there is an available access point. This trenchless service, executed by our trained technicians, can detect any and all kinds of issues with your sewer lines.

Cracked Pipe Solutions

Our technicians are transparent and invite customers to see what’s going on inside their pipes through a sewer camera inspection system. A CCTV camera attached to a flexible line allows us to see anywhere inside your pipes and find the root of the problem. High constant pressure can be the reason why your pipes develop cracks, as are roots from nearby shrubs and trees. Underground work performed by utility companies can cause added stress, and unknowing contractors might accidentally cause damage as they complete remodeling or renovation projects.

Once the pipe has developed a crack, the nature of sewer lines make the issue bigger until it’s fixed, repaired or replaced with a new pipe. Our pipe repair experts can assess the overall state of your pipeline, the extent of the damage and find out where it’s located. From there, we can formulate a diagnosis and recommend the best course of action. With modern trenchless repair techniques, we are able to create a new pipe within the old one. The leak or crack will be sealed and you’ll have a new pipe that’s jointless and more durable.

A final camera inspection is done to ensure that the crack is sealed and all the broken sections of your sewer line are taken care of. Your sewer system is restored and you’re likely to experience improved flow and better efficiency.

Give us a call when you suspect something’s wrong with your pipes or sewer system. Our reliable technicians will get there on time to inspect your sewer lines and seal off cracks by performing a non-invasive, eco-friendly, cost-effective repair. Call us today to see how we can fix your cracked pipes.

Marvel Superhero Team Logo
Call 763-445-9005 Serving Anoka, Hennepin and surrounding counties.
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