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Our sewer systems are key components of our homes. Most times, we don’t show much concern for them unless there is an issue such as a blockage or clog. People rush to buy chemicals to try to unblock the clog, not knowing that the chemicals are actually harmful to the pipes and can cause even worse damage over time such as leaks and holes in the pipes. Eventually, people will need to call a professional to handle the situation because they have done everything they can to fix it and were still unsuccessful.

Minnesota Preventative Drain Inspections

But why wait for a major malfunction to get your pipes serviced? You can save yourself the headache of those late-night store visits and failed DIY attempts by taking preventative steps. Here at Marvel Sewer and Drain, we offer drain inspections that are great for preventive maintenance and also diagnosing any issues that are already present. If you’re not sure of the last time you had an inspection or you’re experiencing recurring issues, it’s time to get an inspection done.

How Are Drain Inspections Performed?

Drain inspections are done with a high-definition camera that is small enough to fit in the holes of a drain and work through the system with the use of a drain cable. As the pipe is fed down into the drains and pushed through the system through an access point that already exists, our professionals are able to view the pipes and can evaluate many things. They are able to see the pipes throughout the entire system to make an overall evaluation of the condition of the pipes. This lets our professionals share if there is an immediate need for a repair or total replacement and estimate how much time there may be left in the system’s life, making it better for a family or business to know when they might be due for the larger investment of a replacement.

What Can Drain Inspections Find?

Inspections also show if there are issues such as cracks or leaks. Catching these issues at an early phase allows us to fix them and save money for the customer. Larger issues such as breakages and holes typically start as smaller infractions such as cracks or leaks. As these things go unattended, they grow into larger issues. But, when caught early during inspections, we fix them up and your pipes are good to go. Sewer drain inspections are also a great tool for showing us exactly where issues are. The guessing games are over as we are able to see exactly what the issue is and where it is located, letting us target that problem area to best fix the issues at hand.

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Marvel Sewer and Drain provides trenchless services such as drain inspections to keep our Minnesota customers systems up to date and functioning properly while allowing them to spend as little money as possible. If you’re due for an inspection, give us a call today. We serve the following locations and their surrounding areas:

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