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Dealing with plumbing problems is never easy. In the home or in the business, making sure that your plumbing problems are resolved promptly and professionally is tremendously important. Among these issues, dealing with a burst pipe can prove the most difficult. If you believe your home or business suffers from a burst pipe, contact a professional plumbing service like Marvel Sewer and Drain immediately. Without a prompt and professional response, a burst pipe can cause serious issues for your home or business, ranging from serious health hazards to increased costs of living. A technician will be dispatched to perform a free estimate, and proceed with the necessary pipe repair or replacement service.

How Do Pipes Burst?

The component pipes of your plumbing system can rupture for a number of reasons. In most cases, your pipes are aged, and cannot handle temperature fluctuations over time. These fluctuations cause the pipes to expand and contract repeatedly, leading to damage over time. This damage is manifested in ruptures in the walls of the pipes, leading to leaks and potential flooding. Beyond the simple potential damage associated with flooding, the increased costs of water usage can multiply exponentially if your burst pipe is not promptly repaired. Save yourself the hassle, and contact a sewage and drainage professional like Marvel Sewer and Drain today!

Burst Pipes: A Hidden Danger

Burst pipes are not always easy to detect. Pipes that lead outside your property into sewers and other connections are often buried several feet underground, outside of the confines of your home or business. Despite this, burst pipes in these cases can still be detected. The most common sign of a burst pipe is the presence of a damp area inside or outside our home. In other cases, overgrown foliage or discoloration of the local plant life can indicate leaks, a telltale sign of a burst pipe. In addition, the presence of an odor of sewage in and around your sewer and drains can be indicative of a burst pipe, which of course requires a burst pipe repair service from a professional plumbing company.

Burst Pipe Repair in Minneapolis, MN

Marvel Sewer and Drain utilizes a trademarked pipe repair process to ensure your burst pipe problem is resolved economically and efficiently. Depending on the severity of the burst pipes and the configuration of your system, either a repair or a replacement will be recommended. In ideal cases, trenchless pipe repair techniques and pipe replacement methods can be employed, saving you potential excavation and additional equipment costs. In other cases, traditional excavation techniques will be used, with special attention paid to the constraints of your schedule and your budget.

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Knowing who to turn to for efficient and economical plumbing solutions is a difficult task. Knowing what kinds of services your plumbing system may need can prove even more difficult. Make these things easier and contact a plumbing professional like Marvel Sewer and Drain. We serve the following locations and their surrounding areas:

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