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Marvel Sewer and Drain has been serving homeowners and property managers across our area for almost a decade. That means when a residential customer calls us seeking sewer repair in Minneapolis, MN, and surrounding areas, we understand what we need to do, when, and how to ensure that the client’s plumbing system remains fully intact and running smoothly. If you’re a homeowner seeking residential sewer repair, reach out to Marvel Sewer and Drain as soon as possible to take care of the problem for you.

Why Sewer Repair?

Sewer repair is a great option if you’re seeking a low bill and a proper solution. Our residential sewer repair services in Minneapolis, MN, and the surrounding areas make use of trenchless solutions that can be completed without any need to dig or excavate.

Residential sewer repair services in Minneapolis, MN are easy to complete and can be taken care of quickly. It can be difficult to understand why and how a repair is better than a complete replacement. However, a sewer replacement can also be discussed if the condition of your sewer lines is beyond repair. The most common repairs are due to fractures, leaks, old age, and poor construction.

Residential Sewer Repair Methods

Our residential sewer repair in Minneapolis, MN, and the surrounding areas can be completed in two ways. They can be done traditionally with a trench dug the length, width, and depth of your pipe. This trench is then used to inspect and repair pipes. Some concerns with this method are that it takes a very long time to dig this trench, which can be further elongated by any landscaping or hardscaping features on your home’s property. It can be challenging to dig this trench in enough time to resolve the issue before it becomes a plumbing emergency as well.

With trenchless repairs, you won’t need any digging or excavating. All repairs and inspections can be done with a pre-existing entry point. This can be anything from a storm drain to a small point of access we have to install on-site. Trenchless jobs are also much cheaper than traditional repairs for this same reason. With trenchless repairs, the labor costs are much lower and the job is done much more quickly.

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Why Choose Marvel Sewer and Drain?

Marvel Sewer and Drain is an experienced, knowledgeable, and local professional plumbing company that offers a variety of services and products to please all of our clients. Not only do we offer residential repairs, but we also offer commercial repairs for clients who own their own business.

Sewer repair is just one small part of the services that Marvel Sewer and Drain offers. We also offer inspections, cleaning services, leak detection, and a variety of other things that go into ensuring that your plumbing system is running as smoothly as possible. Repairs done with Marvel Sewer and Drain come with the promise that they’re done quickly and efficiently. Contact us today if you need quality residential sewer repair services in Minneapolis, MN, and the nearby areas:

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