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Signs of Tree Root Invasion

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Trees are great for yards and landscapes. They provide shade and enhance the look of a property and its environment. However, since tree roots look for the nearest water source, they can also find holes or cracks in water pipes, plugging the waterway and potentially leading to a very costly burst-pipe emergency. If you notice any signs of tree root invasion, Marvel Sewer & Drain will respond to clear up a clogged drain in Edina, MN, and prevent further damage.

Recognize the Signs of Tree Root Invasion

Tree roots in water lines create bad smells, like raw sewage or rotten eggs. Other symptoms may be odd sounds or gurgling in toilets and drains. Advanced tree-root damage can lead to major stoppages, flooding in basements and saturated ground and pooling or sinkholes in yards. Our skilled technicians have experience with root obstructions and will be able to provide drain cleaning services in Edina, MN, preventing further pipeline deterioration.

Inspection of Drain Systems

To accurately identify problem areas in drains, Marvel Sewer & Drain uses leading-edge trenchless imaging technology and drain snaking in Edina, MN. With the resulting clear view, our highly-trained technicians can confirm root invasion and determine whether a pipe’s material may lead to groundwater contamination or stoppages. We recommend routine inspections every two years and clearing roots and reinforcing pipes with pipelining.

Hydro Jetting Procedures

This specialized method of drain cleaning in Edina, MN employs precisely-tuned pressurized water to disintegrate and flush out accumulated waste and debris, such as tree roots. Our certified personnel will be able to diagnose the pipe’s condition and recommend repair or replacement. 

Marvel Sewer & Drain is a privately-owned plumbing and drain cleaning company in Edina, MN with years of experience in providing high-quality drain inspection and cleaning services in Anoka County and the surrounding area. Call us or fill out our form to schedule an appointment today.

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