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There’s a Damp Spot on My Wall, How Do I Get It Fixed?

In Minnesota, we experience a wide array of weather and occasional high humidity, making it important to be aware of and promptly address any damp areas that arise. Sometimes, these might be caused by simple condensation that may require double paned windows and improvements to your home’s ventilation or penetrating damp to be solved with careful home maintenance, including a fresh layer of waterproof paint. However, damp patches or bubbling paint on the ceiling or certain spots on your wall are easy to spot and usually mean one thing: a leaking pipe.

Why Trenchless Repairs Are Effective For Fixing Leaks

If you’ve ever had a cracked pipe in the winter or a leak caused by a faulty joint, you may have experienced a drawn-out process of repair involving destroyed walls, bits of insulation coating every surface of your home, and a lot of time and money. However, dampness can cause mold and decay on a much greater scale if left untreated. This is why you should ask a pipeline repair specialist about trenchless repair options. As long as you catch it quickly, many cracks or misalignments can be treated without cutting into the wall or ceiling.

A trenchless repair process can be very simple. A technician inserts a waterproof camera into your pipeline through the drain to find the break’s location and cause. Unless the damaged pipe is particularly small, meaning less than four inches, the solution can be painless and less expensive than “traditional” repair methods. Although a small opening on one side of the repair will sometimes be needed, an inversion liner can often be inserted through a pre-existing opening in your pipeline. This liner is coated in an epoxy resin that leaves behind a solid, safe, and durable new pipe without ever needing to remove the original. By lining the entire drain or waterline, this technique can also increase the life of your pipes and prevent similar issues in the future.

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