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Top 5 Benefits of a Sewer Pipe Camera Inspection


The newest technology now lets a technician view your sewer pipes from the inside using cameras and video footage. These tools can give you more information about the state of the drains. This knowledge can help you prepare for the future or even get ready for any immediate repairs if necessary. 

Can Be a Preventative Tool

As a homeowner, there’s nothing worse than not knowing your home’s condition or what repairs might be needed next. Unlike your water heater or a kitchen appliance, you can’t inspect your sewer pipes visually. At least not in the same way. With a camera inspection, this visual assessment is possible.

Home Appraisals and Inspections

When buying a home, it just makes sense to invest in a home inspection. An inspector may notice things that the average home buyer or even an experienced realtor may not. Before sewer pipe camera inspections, the drains’ condition was primarily a guessing game and may only be based on the seller’s word. A pre-purchase visual inspection will leave nothing to chance.

Don’t Dig Up Your Yard

When there is a leak, finding it can be difficult. The soggy soil isn’t always located above the leak. Variations in the soil or elevation can move the water far away from the source of the problem. This problem can lead to a lot of unnecessary digging trying to find the leak, and there’s no guarantee that once you find it, it’s the only one. By using a camera inspection, your technician can locate all leaks before any digging begins.

Plan Ahead

Suppose your technician points out some trouble areas that don’t need immediate repairs but should be watched. In that case, you can schedule regular inspections to make sure you don’t encounter any costly surprises. You may also learn that you will need repairs soon, even if not right away. This knowledge gives you time to prepare.

Less Expensive

Overall, these sewer pipe camera inspections are much less expensive in the long run for many reasons. By planning, you can prevent costly water damage or sewage backup. You know in advance if your new home will need repairs in the future. And repairing leaks is easier and faster when you can target the right location.

Marvel Sewer and Drain offers camera inspections, whether a regularly scheduled preventative measure or you need to find out just what repairs are required. To learn more about this technology, contact us today.